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Jeyhan releases stand-out single ‘None Of That’

Jeyhan releases stand-out single ‘None Of That’

Having garnered attention from producer Oak Felder, who has the likes of Lizzo, Rhianna and Demi Lovato on his list of testimonials, JEYHAN looks set to be the next big thing in the RnB world. With a contemporary sound whilst retaining the roots of his Turkish upbringing, JEYHAN’s most recent offer comes in the form of ‘None Of That’. With a pioneering sound and a flair for sing-a-long melodies, ‘None Of That’ is JEYHAN’s strongest offering yet.

JEYHAN will be donating all funds raised with this release during June to the Movement For Black Lives Coalition and the Centre For Black Equity. Discussing the causes, JEYHAN explains:

“As a musician, I acknowledge the fact that I would not be making music if it weren’t for the brilliant black musicians that paved the way for me and provided the foundation for the music industry to be built upon. Black artists have provided the blueprint for popular music & have influenced major white artists that disproportionately & unjustly run the industry today. Their words & stories were/are stolen & repurposed as the white man’s creation. Enough is enough. I will continue to find ways to highlight issues in our country & world and to do my part every day. If “None of That” can make even just one person smile, dance, and/or feel empowered to love themself and live their life on their own terms, then I have done my job. #BlackLivesMatter”

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