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Jaskin & Uneven – ‘Woodlands’/’Lost Ends’ [none60 Records]

Jaskin & Uneven – ‘Woodlands’/’Lost Ends’ [none60 Records]

They’d better be paying overtime at none60 Records – with the windows still cracked from the mighty Silent Dust full-length, there’s already more cutting-edge drum & bass being served up, in the shape of a label for Jaskin & Uneven

Lead-off track ‘Woodlands’ looms like a skyscraper, all volatile bassline and tribal samples, never releasing the ocean full of tension the relentless low-end behaviour creates. Meanwhile ’Lost Ends’ adopts a more liquid feel, keeping the gigantic bass swells of the A-side but adding airy overtones to run the full spectrum while still keeping things moody and dense.

Listen below and head to none60’s bandcamp to buy.

Drum & Bass Jaskin & Uneven
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