Interview with Lauge regarding his new album Latitudes

With a long history of more than 20 years writing electronic music, the Danish producer Henrik Laugesen aka Lauge is presenting his fourth solo studio album Latitudes released via Fallen Metropolis. It is quite impressive the masterly point reached in this LP, drone ambient soundscapes and experimental textural records transports the mind beyond the imaginable.

During the last year, Lauge released on Iboga an upbeat psy-electronica album along with various singles and EPs with a notorious ambiental influence. Now, Latitudes is Henrik’s own introspective exploration, in which is founded a wild well-balanced sound expression of maturity.

With such an album, I sent a few questions Henrik's way to get to know more about Latitudes, what inspired those sounds, as well as his particular approach.

When did you start writing music and what or who were your early passions and influences?

I started writing music back in 1996 or 1997. Back then I was heavily influenced by genres such as Goa Trance, Hard Trance and Acid Trance. A lot of my inspiration came from artists like Astral Projection and Man With No Name. Even today I still listen to these artists on an almost daily basis and their old tracks keep inspiring me for some reason.  

Your new album Latitudes is coming. What can you tell us about the concept behind it? What does it mean to you? Why drone ambient?

I have been into drone ambient for quite a few years now and since I listen to so many tracks in this genre I have been more and more inspired to head in that direction with my own productions.
The Live concept that this album has is inspired by the jam sessions I have with my friend Christian Rutz (Fallen Metropolis). Christian has a very interesting approach when it comes to recording and I brought that idea into my own project on Latitudes but also on my EP Capsule from 2019.
I like the organic feel music gets when it’s being improvised live and recorded without doing any post editing.
This approach also helped me overcome a very long writers block, and have turned the whole productiveness upside down.

All tracks in this project were limited to 8 channels per track and recorded live in one go without any post editing. In which way these rules have affected your production process? 

This approach is very new to me and to begin with I wasn’t quite feeling it was the best way for me to proceed, however it turned out very different.
I see myself produce with this approach on a more and more frequent basis. The organic feel the tracks gets from this way of recording is just something special and I believe for this specific genre it’s a very good match.
Today I feel very comfortable with producing this way and I can’t seem to get back to my old ways which is all right since I’m more productive than ever before.

Is there any particular emotion that you would like to evoke in a Latitudes listener? Or it is a LP of limitless expression that emerged via improvisations?

For this project I did not have any particular thing in mind besides to improvise my way through every track.
I like the idea that when I start out on a project like this, I don’t know how it will end up until I’m done. This process does have downsides to it since it will sometimes lead to tracks being canned because they sound bad, the improvisation wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be or in my case a cat comes a long and steps on the keyboard.

For me, listening to ambient music is almost a mystical experience. How do you feel when ambient music is playing? Additionally what kind of music do you also enjoy?

I love listening to ambient music when relaxing or when I sleep, but I do listen to different sorts of genres depending on what I do.
For example I like listening to Goa Trance when I work out, when I’m driving I like listening to Techno and sometimes even Drum and Bass, Hip Hop or Swing music.
Today I actually see myself as someone who enjoys almost all sorts of music, even though it hasn’t been like that forever. When I was younger I was only focusing onTrance music, both as a listener and as a composer.

Getting into a more personal side, what is Henrik´s regular day like?

A regular day in the studio starts with listening to tracks submitted for my playlists and mixes. I spend a few hours daily going through the massive amount of incoming music before moving on with my own musical projects.

Finally, what would be the ideal place to listen to this album?

Latitudes is an album that can be listened to in every setting where you need to escape the busy world around you.
I believe that this album would be equally good to zone out with on top of a mountain, watching the cloud formations laying down on a field or on a bus during a busy morning commute.

\\\\’Lauge – Latitudes LP\\\\’ is out 15/03 on Fallen Metropolis. 

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