Interview: Sonnen Blumen Kerne

We had a chat with Russian trio Sonnen Blumen Kerne about their latest release ‘Ginko’ on Techfui and much more, check out what they had to say below.

Hi Sonnen Blumen Kerne, thanks for having a chat with us. For those who are unfamiliar with your work, how would you describe you and your sound?

Hi there! Thanks for having us. So in a few words – we are three guys who are performing live our music with all this techno, electro, breakbeat, minimal and everything in between. We release our music both digitally and vinyl only as well.

Where does the name ‘Sonnen Blumen Kerne’ come from?

Actually it was a long story with the choice of a proper artist name for the three of us  – to find the one and only name which would be the best choice for an artist who you want to be taken seriously is always a challenge. And as it also happens very often it came suddenly at the moment when we were drinking beer in our studio after having another studio session. We were thinking of an artist name when I noticed the German transcription on the sunflower seeds pack which we were eating with beer as a snack. To tell the truth sunflower seeds is our favourite snack with beer. So sunflower seeds in German would be Sonneblumenkerne. We liked it a lot and there was a kind of a shadow sense also – seeds would grow into something big once. That was the idea of the project.

Who or what would you say is the biggest influence on your sound?

I think I can’t name any exact name or a project but all this break beat and very first electro story back from the 80s which was a perfect sound for all this breakdance still in our minds. One of our crew members – Matical also was trying his skill in beatmaking previously and another one – Archetech previously has released a lots of top minimal stuff.

What can you tell us about your upcoming release ‘Ginko’ on Techfui?

It’s a vinyl only hand stamped limited press release which we are very happy to present on Salah Sadeq’s Techfui imprint. Salah has loved our stuff from the very first moment a few years ago and it was only the matter of time to make it happen. There are three originals all discovering our sound from different sides and a very secret weapon – the one and only Anton Kubikov was invited to empower the whole release.

How did the remix from Anton Kubikov come about?

After our second big live show in our career in one of the best venues in Russia – Gazgolder club on Highway records 10 years anniversary party hosted by Mike Spirit Anton was scheduled after us on the main floor. When we finished he came to us and said some kind words about our live set and that he liked it a lot. As Anton was some kind of a superstar DJ for us from our beginning in electronic music it was the best reward at that moment! So we talked a little about how things are going and a little bit later we just thought that he would be an ideal choice for our upcoming release on Techfui. After negotiations with Salah, Anton was approved for a remix duty and here he is!

What can we expect from you in 2019?

There are lots of things coming up as we have tons of unreleased stuff so we are in a process of finding a proper home for all our music. From the already signed ones I can home a vinyl only release on our big friend’s Roman Madrem label – Hypnologic very very soon, then another vinyl only solo EP on our own NARA, our second digital EP on Highway. Also we are preparing a new live program with more new gear together with more raving and raw sound for a big room. This is only the beginning.

Who are you tipping to make it big next year?

I think that Russian expansion would just get bigger and bigger on the scene no matter what exact style we are considering – there are extremely many top stuff producers nowadays who are getting stronger and stronger from day to day.

What has been your favourite track of the year?

Very difficult to choose the one. There were a lot!

‘Sonnen Blumen Kerne – Ginko’ is out now on Techfui.

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