Interview: Rico Martinez

We had a chat with Spanish producer Rico Martinez about his latest release \\\’Mistiko\\\’ on Psicodelica, his creative process, what he has planned for the rest of the year and more. Check what he had to say below

How did your latest release ‘Mistiko’ come to be released on Psicodelica?

It is a story that started 8 or 10 years ago, at that time David San (owner of Psicodelica) and I collaborated on some project for other artists and since then we maintained a very good friendship, although my sound was far from the style of the label, the label and my own sound evolved and one day talking on Facebook with David told me if I wanted to try to do something for Psicodelica. He was listening to my last productions and liked them, and the result you already know, my release by the label.

How did you get Fhaken & Wayne Madiedo on board for the remix?

Because they are two guys with whom I maintain a very good relationship and by chance so did the label and without hesitation we wanted them to do the remix. I am in love with their sound and we knew that they would give us the approach that we were looking for the remix.

Do you have any other releases planned over the next while?

Yes, no doubt, soon another release will come to light and what I hope is another great release, for the mythical American label Kinetika Records. It consists of two very powerful tracks the EP is called ‘The Dark Dance’ and we expect a lot from it. We are also preparing an important release to celebrate the 200th release of one of the most solid and recognised minimal labels of the genre; Kootz Music.

When creating music do you start with an idea in mind or is it more improvisational?

I would say it’s 50/50, sometimes I have a clear idea of ​​what I want while others (these are the ones I like the most) are the result of pure improvisation. Hours of studying, touching, tasting, destroying things and suddenly something appears with which to build a track.

Where was your favourite gig that you’ve played and why?

Without hesitation it was some time ago in one of the discotheques that most impressed me; Dreamers Marbella, an incredible club in a magical night with a public devoted to music. It was one of those nights you dream of when you want to dedicate yourself to this.

What’s your first memory of music?

I remember the day that I first joined a light club, I was 14 years old sounded the track of that time

Corona – Rhythm of the Night

I fell in love with how the music sounded in that place

Can you remember what it was that made you want to make music of your own?

Yes of course, I was a DJ before I was a producer and many times I lacked tracks with which I could give the approach I wanted to the session and at that moment I thought ‘am I not going to do it?’, and bought my first computer and sound card. I have to say that I love to mix the music of other artists but my tracks are tools that allow me to play with the session and take it where I want

What advice would you give to any upcoming producers?

It sounds obvious but, work and effort mainly, perseverance, search, not to conform, there are no formulas of success with which the only way that exists is what was said previously.

What are you most proud of?

Without doubting my originality, my sound is not like anyone\\\’s, I do not follow fashions, I just do music, sometimes it comes out better, worse, but I do not feel pressured to do anything in particular I do the kind of track I want when I want and that once you have reached level is very complicated to do, many times the sector expects something similar to what they know about you

What 3 records do you always keep in your record bag?

Ok, tracks that I always carry and almost never use, it\\\’s funny……..

– Wise D & Kobe – Get Down (Original Mix)

– Tube & Berger – Free Tribe (Original Mix)

– Cocodrills – How To Be Hip (Original Mix)


Rico Martinez – Mistiko EP is out 27/08 on Psicodelica.

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