Interview: Pellon

WE had a chat with DJ/producer/label owner Pellon about his 2018, plans for the future, his latest release ‘Life Is A Game Of Love’ & more. Check out what he had to say below.

 Hi Pellon, thanks for chatting with us. How has 2018 been for you?

Thank you for the interview. It’s a pleasure to talk with you.

2018 was a wonderful year. My release called ‘La Luna se Aleja’ is doing very well. I’m also glad with the remix I made for Maurice Aymard and Paulo Olarte. To wrap up the year, my new EP; ‘Life Is A Game Of Love’, will be out. I’m very happy how things are going on with Parallel Label. The effort to promote the label is paying off. The quality of the releases is very high. Our Parallel showcases in Barcelona, Berlin, and Moscow were great.

What’s been your highlight? Personal or musical?

There were lots of highlights in my year! It’s a great moment for me in the music producing area.  With Monkey Brothers, I can focus on the “dancefloor”, making people dance is a great. Producing for Pellon gave me creative liberty to explore my emotions, and grow as a music producer. I don’t put any limits on myself. About personal highlights, I just bought a house in my beautiful villa. This 1900’s house is full of possibilities!

You’re finishing it off in style with ‘Life Is A Game Of Love’, what can you tell us about that?

‘Life Is A Game Of Love’ is a very personal EP with three songs which are very different in terms of style. “Life Is A Game Of Love” is a deep song, where my voice plays a leading role, a piece full of love. It’s a song dedicated to my wife, every time I listen to it, I get excited. I love it!!! “Empezando a Recordar” takes us to a different world. Calmness enters the space. It is a small tribute to Warp and to artists such as Boards of Canada or Plaid, that marked a very important time in my life. ‘You Follow Me’ takes us to the dance floor. Using arpeggiator sounds, it’s more synthetic.

What was the inspiration behind the EP?

The inspiration comes from different places. The first is love.  The second is the peace I found living and working in a small coastal town, where nature plays a leading role.

What is your favourite thing about running your own label, Parallel?

Parallel is my home. It is a meeting place were I can meet different artists. We can share our love for music. It’s the base in my career as an artist. The exchange is inspiring .It’s a platform to spread our music.

What can we expect from you in 2019?

We’ll see. Right now I start my Asian Tour that will take me two months. I’m finishing an LP under the alias of Monkey Brothers. As for the label we have several releases in which we have a lot of confidence. We will also continue with the showcases in several European cities. The truth is that I am very excited about everything that is coming for 2019.

Track of the year?

It is difficult to say one….’Let’s get it Right (Nhar Remix)’ I love the bass in this one.

Album/EP of the year?

Pablo Bolivar & Sensual Physics – ‘Traverse (Reprise)’

Will you be making any New Year’s Resolutions?

Stop smoking would be nice!

Finally, who are you tipping to make it big in 2019?

Uffff!!!!  I hope this will be the year of Veronika Fleyta.


‘Pellon – Life Is A Game Of Love’ is out 20/12 on Parallel.


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