Interview: Marco Uson

We had a chat with Uzons Records boss and producer Marco Uson about the music scene in Colombia, the increasing importance of social media, his upcoming release \’A Journey Through The Universe\’ and more. Check out what he had to say below.

Hey Marco, what can you tell us about the music scene in Colombia? How does it differentiate from the likes of Ibiza/Berlin?

The electronic music scene in Colombia has grown up a lot in the last 5 years, especially on the underground side. I think that now we have a strong underground scene in the context of South America. Some cities in Colombia like Cali and Pereira have been in front of the line, but now the leaders are totally Bogotá and Medellin. In fact, Bogotá has one of the best clubs in the world, like the Baum club that is probably one of the main catalysers of change and evolution in the Colombian scene. They produce some awesome festivals like the Baum Fest, Baum Park and Tatacoa. Also we have some big artist like, Adriana Lopez, Aleja Sanchez, Julio Victoria, Gothsell, Kamilo Sanclemente, and Felipe Gordon among others.

Getting into the second question, we are, of course, far away from having a scene like in Berlin, Ibiza or LA, but, in spite of the distance, I think that in Colombia we are going in the right direction. In fact, the main cities of the country have been reaching some stability in the last years and this has positively affected the Electronic music scene. Also I must say that here people really love to dance, and to disconnect from the daily routine, and for this, Electronic Music (As well as Salsa, of course!) serves well their purpose. However, for many people, Techno is still only a fad. In order to properly advance and consolidate an electronic music culture, we need to continue with. a lot of persistence, creative work and passion for this music. 🙂

Do you see yourself remaining in Colombia or moving to a traditionally more vibrant electronic music scene in the near future?

Mmm, really interesting question! I think we can reach important goals doing things in Colombia that can permeate other regions. We have a lot to do in this country. Colombian people are potential electronic music lovers. However, on the other hand living in an epicentre of electronic music would be just amazing in all ways. However I think both places have really different challenges. For the moment I will probably continue in Colombia, but of course, in any way I won’t rule out going to other places.

Do you think with the importance of social media and accessibility of music online, that living in places like London/Berlin/Ibiza is less important and what matters more now is what you are creating and not where?

For me the most important thing in the electronic music global scene is the music not the place where it was created. This sounds a little obvious, but some people have lost this common sense. I am completely sure that if you have good music to offer, it will get to who wants it thanks to social media. Nowadays the place where the music is produced is not so important anymore. Living in cities with top scenes can help in terms of knowing personally, first hand and directly what the music is about and how the industry functions, as well as creating better relationships. But now I really think that the importance of living in places like London/Berlin/Ibiza has diminished a lot, but it is always very interesting to be in places with very developed scenes. Living in a city with a very characteristic or traditional sound, has some benefits but it may also limit you. However, regardless of where you live I think it is very important is to try to create something new, create different things, and never just copy any style of an artist. To be original following other ones steps is impossible. To be original we need to construct our own basis. I think this is true wherever you live.

What other producers around Colombia are impressing you now?

I really like the work of Aleja Sanchez and Adriana Lopez, just to mention two. For me they are on the front of the Colombian scene. They really have passion, something that along with hard work and effort is the key, for anything in life.

Do you see yourself collaborating with any of them in the near future?

Why not? In this moment I am completely focused on my solo project and on my own label. I am putting a lot of effort in to this, but collaborations with these amazing artists are more than welcome!! 🙂

Tell us about your upcoming release on your own label ‘Uzons Records’?

“A Travel Through the Universe” reflects in part what Uzons Records is all about. In the same release you can find Ambient versions of the three original Techno tracks. Each track has very different approaches and influences, some are more dance friendly, others are more hypnotic, deep and transcendental like ‘Interplanetarium’, others are more complex and experimental like ‘Bell Trip’. With all the six tracks that are on this EP, I think the crowd will get a wide variety and interesting array of complementary sensations between techno and ambient. In the near future I am planning to continue with this type of combination, which is really something special and not so frequent to find. I really feel very glad about all the tracks of this release!

How did you go about starting your own label?

I am very eclectic in terms of listening and liking music. I see that really few labels out there are eclectic in their releases and most of them only push one sound and one style. Uzons Records is an open and creative outlet for electronic underground music that I really like, regardless of the precise style. In Uzons you will find a label that believes in the whole range of electronic underground music: From Dark Techno to Ambient, from experimental to Deep House etc…

What release of your own are you most proud of?

This is a difficult question for me, every release is important in its own way, and to choose only one release is very hard. However if you are talking about tracks I am particularly fond of ‘Sonarus’ which is one of my favourites however I feel very proud of ‘Sunshine’ as well since it recently reached the TOP 100 of Beatport.

Who or what has been the biggest influence on your music?

My music is like a crash of all kinds of influences; it is the result of a big variety of experiences and feelings. I am inspired by a lot of people and places. Speaking of music, the influences; it could be from the big classical pieces to the sounds of the nature or even Colombian traditional music. Some of my favourite tracks that really inspire me are played on my radio show called Uzons Radio. There are so many things that influence me from the “outside world” . But I must say that as well, that most of my tracks reflect the emotions I feel while I am composing. In fact for me the studio is a place of liberation and expression.

\’Marco Uson – A Travel Through The Universe\’ is out 27/08 on Uzons Records. 

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