Interview: J Swink

Anaesthetist by day, DJ by night. We chatted to beatport charting American producer J Swink, who’s upcoming ‘Transport EP’ with Rez Ekbatan is set to follow in similar style.

Hey J Swink, how are you and where are you right now?

I’m currently in Ibiza and then headed to BPM in Portugal so I’m doing great! I have a few gigs this weekend in Ibiza one of which includes a studio broadcast at Ibiza Live Radio. During the broadcast I’m premiering two of my tracks on the “Transport” EP that comes out on Monday September, 17th.

How do you feel the American music scene has changed with the uprise of EDM? Has it influenced your production style?

EDM is the reason that dance music is now accepted in the States. It’s now “cool” to listen to dance music which was not the case before. I know a lot of people hate on big room and EDM but it’s done a lot of good for the scene in regards to business opportunities and we now a much larger audience listening to our music.

Tell us a little about Washington’s clubbing culture? Does a strong underground community exist there? The D.C. club scene is amazing.

There is a very strong underground community with a lot of hard working talented artists (Rez Ekbatan, Enamour, Julius Jetson, Rush Plus, Micfreak, Zacheser and the Chub Rub crew, Aurean) in D.C.  I love D.C. and I love our community. Some very big things are happening in the city right now in multiple different genres. I think the best thing about D.C. is how diverse the scene is and that is because of companies like Nu Androids, Glow, Flash Night Club, U Street Music Hall, Steez Promo, Badass Raves, Synthesis and the ROAM Crew.

You’re releasing another top quality EP on Fierce Animal Recordings, what is your relationship with the label?

I met the label owners through a mastering service and our relationship continued to develop from there. They have been great to work with and they have done a lot of great things for me so I’m very appreciative that we met and that we continue to work together.

How did you get into contact with Rez Ekbatan to line up the Transport release?

I actually met Rez at an event we have monthly in D.C. called Headroom. The event is for producers to come out and test their tracks on the Funktion One sound system at Flash Night Club which is definitely the best underground spot in D.C. It’s a great event and I’ve met a lot of great people from it including Rez. As far as lining up the Transport release, I came over to his studio one day and he was supposed to have someone else coming in to work but they never showed up so we decided to get a track started. Three hours later and “Convoy” was created. We then ran with the theme of planes, trains and automobiles and created “Elevation” and “Interstate.”

How are your production styles different and how did this influence the inspiration behind the EP?

Rez has a wide range and can create pretty much any genre but he focuses mostly on pop and with some tech flair. I mostly concentrate on Techno and underground sounds. I think this really worked in our favour for the EP because we created something unique that really doesn’t fit into one genre.

Who are your greatest musical inspirations?

That’s always a hard question that I really can never answer. I don’t have any one person that is the greatest inspiration but rather a culmination of a bunch of artists from multiple genres.

Who has inspired your life on a personal level?

Anyone that I see who is working hard at his or her goals I find inspiring. Anyone who is willing to put in the hours and take the risks to achieve something great I find inspiring.

What do you do outside of music?

I am an anesthetist at a Children’s hospital and specialize in taking care of kids with heart disease so just a little different from being a producer/dj. In one job I’m putting people to sleep and in the other I’m making them dance.

How do you juggle between your profession and music?

I juggle by working 80-100 hours a week so not really juggling but just working non-stop.

What do you have lined up for the rest of 2018?

I have another remix coming out in November on Fierce Animals and this one is also in collaboration with Rez. I have some shows lined up as well but the majority of the fourth quarter will be dedicated to sending out tracks for 2019.

‘Transport EP’ is out September 17th

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