Interview: IVA

Starting her career 8 years ago, IVA has become one of the biggest Bolivian djs around. With her techno sound, she is truly one of the most exciting export products Bolivia has to offer. At only 27 years of age, IVA already has a string of accomplishments under her belt that most artists spend a lifetime trying to achieve. And so, we thought it was about time The Noise Gate caught up with all things IVA…

IVA, how are you and where in the world are you today?

Hi there, I’m very good, busy and happy at the moment. I’m currently based in Barcelona, Spain.

Which three words best describe your music?

Emotional, melodic and dark.

Which three words best describe you as a person?

Happy, persistant and motivated.

Who would you say are your biggest influences, musically?

Derrick May the creator of techno.
Recondite currently one of my favourite producers.
Mind Against one of my favourite djs/ producers at the moment.

Tell us about Electropreste – it’s really taken off the past couple of years!

Electropreste is currently the biggest party in Bolivia, I feel blessed to have the opportunity to give a platform to what’s happening festivals in Bolivia to the rest of the world. We are in our fourth year of the festival, and every single one has been sold out.

For the last few years the festival has gone viral online, and has been featured on national TV and radio, and even huge international channels like CNN or BBC. We are breaking down boundaries and creating a new scene in Bolivia. It’s a way to give back to my country even if I don’t live there anymore – not forgetting where I come from, and giving a platform to other artists to show their work while introducing big international DJs to the local scene is a huge honour.

What tracks are you hammering in your sets at the moment?

The 3 tracks that I’ve been using most in my sets are:

IVA – Distorted ft Vero Perez (Original Mix)

What’s next with you, releases, festivals…?

I’ve just finished two EPs and a remix that are coming out really soon on great labels – I’m really excited for everyone to hear them! I’m in the studio a lot these days – focusing on more music to follow the EPs… Otherwise I’m working hard on my festival Electropreste  and planning to put on some very special events in collaboration with Transmat Agency.

I’ll also be bringing a huge European franchise to Bolivia in the near future…. but I can’t reveal much about this yet. The rest of the time I’m touring as much as possible, and connecting with people in lots of different countries.


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