Interview: German Brigante

How are you, what’s good, what bad, what kept you busy recently?

I’m fine, thanks. Just got home from an amazing tour in South America.

What music sounds, labels or artists are you most excited about right now? Can you give us any tips?

Lately I’m playing a lot of tracks from artists like Re.you, David Mayer, Mathias Kaden, Joyce Muniz, Helmut Dubnitzky, Lancaster and Frankey & Sandrino and labels like Moonharbour, Keinemusik, Kompakt, Brise and of course Get Physical.

How come you decided to do a 2016 remix of Syndrome James? What did you do to the track?

I had on mind the idea of re-edit the track again because It had a great support. So I did some changes on the groove, add a new break and improve the sound quality a lot. Also I thought of doing a remix and didn’t think of anyone better that my friend Joyce Muniz.

Did you know in 2014 when you made it was a special one? Can you tell a track will be a big hit when you make it?

I never thought it would be that well accepted. It was played and charted by great artists and I did the track just in one day…

Where do you start with your tunes, always in the same place on bass or melody or is it different each time?

It depends on the track. I can start with the drums or with a synth doing a bass or melody. Sometimes I can even start with the vocals.

Do you have any formal musical training or playing skills? Does that help when making house?

I have a basic musical education, but resulting from a family of musicians helps me considerably. I am very meticulous and picky when it comes to create. That’s what I think it made me get my own sound.

Can or should house music have a social or political conscious? Should it be a force for good or a way to forget the bad times?

Music is life and should just contribute to good things on anything.

What is the art of modern DJing? To entertain, amaze, educate or what?

Unfortunately these days is more important what you show on social media or how you look than the music itself. For me the DJ has to make the crowd dance and have fun just with good music.

What gear do you use when DJing – vinyl or digital? Do the tools matter to you? Are you someone who uses effects and does tricks, is that important or more just the tunes?

I usually use digital but when is possible I also like to play some vinyls. I’m not crazy about FX. I just use them when the track requires it.

How do you feel about making most of your money from gigs? Is that OK or might you rather just make music, or at least a bit of both? how do you feel about how music has been devalued in that way?

You get different feelings on each one. Is true that most on the money is on the gigs. But as an artist, I need them both. I need being in the studio making music but I also need to share and test that music I am doing with people.

Check out German Brigante’s music here: soundcloud.com/german-brigante

Upcoming German Brigante shows:

Fri 09/9/2016 –Abode – Sankeys, Ibiza

Sat 10/9/2016 – Audio Rehab – Ministry of Sound, London

Fri 07/10/2016 – The Liquor Store – Portland, OR

Sat 08/10/2016 – Kremwork – Seattle, WA

Sun 09/10/2016 – Dirtybird Campout – Oak Canyon Park, Silverado, CA

Fri 28/10/2016 – Kulturarena – Kehrsatz, Switzerland

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