Interview: Camilo Franco

We had a chat with Heart Ibiza resident Camilo Franco about his experience on the island, his native Colombia & more. Check out what he had to say below.

What’s your favourite place to perform at – and why?

Ibiza is my number 1 place to perform! If anyone has ever been to Ibiza they will know why! The energy, the crowd, etc…But I have to say that in the last 2 years I met these promoters in Egypt and they do the most amazing events and with the most amazing crowd and I love to play with them too. Family & Friends , check them out! Apart from that I love to play also in one of my other residences at CDLC Barcelona.

What in your opinion makes a great DJ?

A DJ who knows how to read the dancefloor and who knows how to warm up to another DJ.

What was the last piece of music that made you think ‘wow’?

Dee Montero “Pangea”

And the last DJ who really impressed you?

Carl Cox always impresses me!

I guess you’ve seen some of the best DJs in the world in action over the years. What do you think is the one thing they all have in common?

Well best DJs or most well known DJs or biggest DJs ? Sometimes those factors are not connected but what they all have for sure is a very good management and team behind.

Do you feel it’s competitive in Ibiza with other DJs or do people all generally get along?

Its very competitive of course. Everyone wants to play in Ibiza and there is a great line up every single day of the week so that makes the competition even harder, not only for the promoters but also for the DJs.

How difficult do you feel it is to establish a reputation in Ibiza then?

First you need to get in the loop and then you have to work hard and let the people listen to you and do a good job, then you will be able to start having a reputation in Ibiza and from Ibiza to the world.

You’re from Colombia originally, right? Do you get back often and how are things musically there?

Yes I was born in Bogotá (the capital) and in terms of electronic music I have to say there are many great Colombian talents making very good electronic music and playing it. The sad thing is the electronic music scene there is still not very big. Yes they have amazing festivals and clubs, but still needs to improve a bit. It will happen for sure!

In terms of South American DJs and producers worth looking out for, could you give us some recommendations?

Sure there are a few Colombians doing a very good job like Fronter,  Giovanny Aparicio, Sebastian Ledher, or in the mainstream scene Ortzy, from Mexico; The Soul Brothers, Fakhen, from Chile; Claudio Ricci, Carlos A.

In terms of productions, where are you at right now? Have you got much coming up?

I just released a new EP collab with my man Rene Amesz on his Art Reap label, house music and tribal house, and I’m working on a few new tracks more into the Deep House and Deep Tech direction. I fell very comfy now with this sound and I’m also trying to find my own sound. For now nothing is finished yet but it will be soon…

Were you a DJ first or a producer? And how does one impact the other for you?

A DJ first and after some years a producer. Being a DJ before I started producing helped me a lot to understand the process of creating a good structure of a track and being a producer helped me a lot to understand how to create great feelings and atmospheres and sounds that I never knew where they were coming from.

Do you feel DJs ‘have’ to produce these days?

Absolutely this is 100% essential.

If you were to recommend us three Camilo Franco tunes, which ones would you recommend?

My very first one called ‘Jazzin Up’ , my collab with Rene Amesz  ‘Once and For all’ and ‘Disco.’

You’re going to be playing regularly at Heart this summer. Can you tell us a bit about how that residency came about and the party you’ll be playing at?

Yes I’m playing there every Wednesday with the most legendary party called La Troya. I was playing with them when they were at Space Ibiza , so when Space was over they moved to Heart and they asked me to go with them to there.

How does playing at Heart differ to say, playing at Space? And do you approach the gigs in the same way?

Yes I approach the gigs in the same way and I love to play at Heart and right now it’s my favourite venue in Ibiza, Heart has spirit and personality and art. Also it’s smaller and I like venues where I can have a close contact with the crowd. The sound system is amazzzzing!

Do you think Ibiza has changed since you came first? What’s good about change and what’s bad?

Yes it has changed a lot! I think the good is they improved some stuff on the island, like roads, airport, and stuff like that. New genuine venues started, like Ushuaia, Heart, Hï, Lio, places like Mambo were reinvented, Pacha, etc and that’s evolution and I think it’s important. The bad in my opinion is the superficiality and all this VIP movement. Ibiza always was a place full of VIPs and actors, and celebrities but not in this way. Looks like now is all about a wristband or VIP tables which is bringing crowd with no sense of music and just spend money on champagne!

Do you think corruption is rife on the island, for example?

Honestly I have no clue but might be same as everywhere in the world!

If you’d 24 hours left in Ibiza, what would you do?

Go for a proper breakfast in town at the mítica Croisant Show or by the harbour at Capuccino , then go to any of those precious beaches and live the beach club experience relaxing, and eating on the beach, I would choose Salinas beach. If you have time jump for a quick visit to Formentera too, then in the evening walk a bit around the Ibiza town and maybe have a great dinner at Dalt Villa at La Oliva, or also leave and have a dinner in any other hidden and beautiful restaurants on the island like La Paloma or Can Balafia and after I will go for some party.

Finally, can you provide us with 5 tracks that have been rocking your bag this summer?

Sure :

Rene Amesz & Camilo Franco “ Give me” / “Head to toe”

Hot since 82 “Buggin”

Pete Heller – Big Love ( Camilo Franco Ibiza remix )

London Grammar “Hell to Liers” ( Kolsh Remix )

Krystal Klear – Neutron Dance

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