Interview: Armie, Døob & Javi Green

We had a chat with Armie, Døob & Javi Green about their latest ‘City Lights’ EP and what they have upcoming over the next while. Read what they had to say below.

Hi guys thanks for speaking with us, firstly going to ask you about your latest EP ‘City Lights’, what can you tell us about it, what were your inspirations behind it?

City Lights is the result of a series of jams, a very special patch we had going on, it had a dreamy energy with random elements that passed by. We normally work on this jamming mood, we like improvisation, so our goal while making tracks is to explore and then capture that live fee.


Can you guys pick a track favourite from the EP?

Mmmmm,  probably each one of us choose different one, hahaha…. [Døob] I quite like ‘City Lights’, the chords and the sound design that Javi came up with on the glitches and FX sounds cool. Very proud, If you lower the drums it makes a beautiful chill out track. Maybe we could do an edit 😉


So, your label Clock Poets has been up and running over 2 years now, what can you tell us about its progress and what the future holds for the label?

Our debut as a vinyl-only record label with this project has been a continuous learning experience, we have put a lot of passion into it. We just released our 3rd vinyl last month, Pollinators EP by Steevio, a long awaited release very well worth it. We are very happy to have him in our catalogue. Right now we are packing CKP004 with a revamped jam from 2015 and two super talented Italian masters. We are also about to start a new sub label, Clock Poets Digital with the aim to deliver a lot more new music and introduce some upcoming new talents.


Can you take us back to when you guys joined forces to create ClockPoets, how did it happen?

Døob & Armie got together first, we were excited to try new synths and jam. We used to buy and sell a lot of second hand synths and in one of those deals we met Javi Green, not only  did he find a Juno 106, but also two new music freaks to make music with. And here we are, we all have the same passion for making music and playing live.


Who would you say inspired you the most in your musical careers?

Javi Green – I moved to Ibiza several years ago and that was for me the best I could have done because there I got inspired by the underground vibe of the island listening to Raresh, Ricardo Villalobos..

ArmieI was born and have lived all my life in Mallorca, in the mid-90s I got into the world of DJing, playing and listening to great artists who came to the island, those years helped me to understand what my ears wanted to hear and start developing my sound in my sets. From then until today discovering bands and artists like Kraftwerk, Portishead, Marrs, Depeche Mode, Akufen, Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, Isolée, Matthew Johnson, James Holden, Anthony, Rother, Matthew Dear, and many more, were and are a great source of inspiration when it comes to creating, doing live or making a musical selection for a DJ set.

Døob –  I have always been influenced by jazz, funk, disco and R&B. But if I had to name someone in electronica… Trentemoller, Steevio, Cobblestone jazz…


What piece of equipment in your studio could you not live without?

Modular synths are hard to predict, that’s why they are our favourite.


Can you guys pick your track of the year?

Dead Rail- A- Denim

Clockpoets – Hippos and Elephants


And finally, what can we expect to see from you guys in the near future, of course you have the new EP being released in November but anything else? Production or performance wise?

Well, we have a lot of work ahead of us. The new sublabel in digital format starts in December.

Clock Poets only vinyl CKP004 should be out in spring 2019, we do not want to reveal much more than what we already said even though we can’t wait! We have so much enthusiasm for the work done on this release.

CKP003, NFU2017, CKD001, CKD002, CKD003, CKP004…supporting all releases by making some nice videos, promotion and distribution work.

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