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Hourstone Reveals “Not A River (Still the Rain Remix)”

Hourstone Reveals “Not A River (Still the Rain Remix)”
Hourstone reveals today his latest masterpiece “Not A River (Still the Rain Remix)”, which we have the honor of launching into the world.  The track is a nice nod to the original, as it takes the song to a whole new level. With a punchy vibrancy that is epic from start to finish, it reveals a unique and visionary collaboration.

Hourstone uses deep house and chill out originals as his platform taking his audience into a black-white-red-golden world of a modern-day fairyland. Hourstone released four singles in 2019, and his latest, “I Will Find A Way” in February 2020. All organically earned well-deserved attention on streaming platforms: Halfway House (500k Spotify streams), Counting Down to 2, (126k Spotify streams), “I Will Find A Way” (126k Spotify streams).

Hourstone emerged from years of writing piano music to help himself through his darkest days after his father’s sudden death when he was 15. His piano became his best friend – finding solace by constantly composing and playing. Although first forged from grief, his music lives and breathes authenticity, strong beats, mystery, and hope. Hear 65 Magazine states his music is a “ray of light” and a “phenomenon that moves something deep within our cores”.

Hourstone’s  “Not A River (Still the Rain Remix)” is a great way to kick off your long weekend. So sit back, and take it all in, as it certainly is an enjoyable ride.
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