Himalia Drops Video for ‘Kingdom’, Taken From Forthcoming LP ‘Distance’

With a new release this Spring, some of UK’s up and coming artists on the electronic horizon have collaborated to create ten tracks of exploration of smooth and melodic sounds, whilst retaining a deep, dark, expansive and resonant feel to their music. They have creating fluid yet balanced set of compositions compiling the ‘Distance’ album: a debut for the 26-year-old David Bryan Hinman AKA Himalia.

The compilation is spiced up with a variety of notable tracks and the names standing by them: vocalists such as: Laurelle on ‘If’, who has previously released on Jakwob’s Boomting label and Chicagoan Alex Jordahl on the track ‘Love like a Drug’ have contributed to the creation of an exquisite final piece, full of experimental rhythm.

Himalia’s various experience in all sorts of music and styles bleeds through when listening to the interesting pieces he has created for the album: from tracks like “Falling”, notable with its tempo increasing whilst retaining a haunting downtempo style; or the one named ‘Drowning’ inspired and written as a reference to ‘Breaking Bad’.

Himalia explains his influence as simply “everything, really!”, with experience from playing in death metal bands to his own acoustic until in 2011 he found electronic music to be the genre that allows his melodic talent to shine the brightest. Since then he has been represented by Medschool, Boomting and Planet Acetate and currently has the Pegdoll label behind his back.

To get the best idea of what the fuss is all about, one could have a listen to the first track of the compilation. It is called ‘Kingdom’ and is the perfect example of Himalia’s skills as a multi-instrumentalist. The vocals in the piece are provided by Sakima, another fresh UK-based artist.

A vocalist, songwriter and a producer, Sakima is based in London. He has worked with names like Ryan Hemsworth, Max Hershenow, Bearcubs and Color Plus, and is produced by Jakwob and Boomting Records, who released his first single, “Energy”, last summer. Similar to Sampha’s work with the Young Turks record, Sakima’s vocal talent on ‘Kingdom’ shines through and goes perfectly with Himalias production, making the track the perfect teaser for the forthcoming album release.

To top it all up, the single is released along with a mesmerising black and white video: an abstract representation and a reference to the melancholy feel of “Kingdom” itself. Watch it now below for yourself!

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