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HEÎK Injects Industrial Melodic Touch To 4-Tracker, ‘Artemisa’ EP

HEÎK Injects Industrial Melodic Touch To 4-Tracker, ‘Artemisa’ EP

Ever since announcing his departure from rising duo ØOSTIL earlier this year, HEÎK has proven himself to be a force to be reckoned with within the electronic music space. Throughout 2021, the Latin American producer has successfully carved out his lane in the melodic techno sphere, landing releases on Renaissance, Fur Coat’s Ødd:ity, and ATLANT. To round out the year, he celebrates yet another milestone with the Artemisa EP, his debut release on John Digweed’s Bedrock Records. Artemisa EP is a 4-tracker that fuses the melancholic with the industrial; it is available to stream now across all platforms via Bedrock Records.


The Artemisa EP boasts an acutely produced sampler of HEÎK’s creative vision. On a mission to find a “clever balance between melodic techno and a darker, intense vibe,” the project sees him explore a more intricate side of his wide-reaching sound palette. The titular single, “Artemisa,” introduces his poignant production style, echoing the captivating style that brought him to the forefront of rising melodic producers when he formed part of ØOSTIL. “Enclave” showcases a sexier, heavier soundscape that highlights his knack for creating atmospheric peak-time productions. Stripping things back, “Irrelative” keeps the thumping bassline of its predecessor but instead hones in on hazy, chromatic synths, ultimately climaxing into a symphony of melodic riffs. To round out the release, HEÎK delivers the most experimental track of the bunch.  “Wanderlust” is a captivating four-on-the-floor cocktail comprised of Caribbean influences, tribal tones, and his signature pulsating undertones.

Having already landed releases on some of the most revered labels across the melodic techno spectrum, HEÎK has cemented himself as one finest rising talents that Latin America has to offer. His reign has only just begun.

ABOUT HEÎK — From the horizon, particles start shaping the new world …Heîk is a Latin American artist steadily forging a reputation for innovative deep underground melodic techno. Co-founder and ex former artist from the duo “ØOSTIL”. He starts his own path with an impressive cv that already includes Reinassance, Atlant, and Ødd:ity. His unique sound manages to find a clever balance between melodic techno and a darker, intense vibe. On one end, he shows us a musical spectrum of melancholy, drama, and emotion while on the other lies an industrial, electro-nic intensity that brings power and emotion to each track. This is just the start and great things are expected.



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