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Harry Natahan reveals dreamy debut EP ‘Songs About Dreams About Her’

Harry Natahan reveals dreamy debut EP ‘Songs About Dreams About Her’

Harry Nathan is an Australian producer, singer, songwriter and DJ. His take on bohemian dream pop effortlessly resides between the lines of reality and fantasy, both sonically and visually in his storytelling. He is fundamentally inspired by his desire to explore the intricacies of modern love and human connection.


Harry’s been gearing up over the past year to release his debut EP ‘Songs About Dreams About Her’  From the hugely successful single Rooftops directed by Odeya Rush, to the latest lush single and video for “Fool For Your Love”, Harry’s debut EP has been crafted to emotionally capture various stages of a relationship; from profound love in the beginning to the inevitable break up, each single captures Harry’s essence in both his songwriting and production skills.


Kicking off with “Rooftops” which was nominated for 28 Independent film awards, and has won 15 awards to date, including Best Fantasy Film at the Los Angeles Film Awards, Best Music Video at the Sydney Short Film Festival, and Best Music Video at the New York Film Awards, the EP heads straight into ‘Fool For Your Love, a single,  set in the same universe as “Rooftops” and a story about letting go of expectations.


With Harry’s  gentle vocal work, “Fool For Your Love” floats effortlessly along with soft piano melodies, lush drum work, vocal harmonies, a 3 piece soulful female choir, and a classical-tinged trumpet. Minimalist, yet melodically entrancing, Harry Nathan’s musicianship and artistry take the reigns exchanging lyrics and voice with compositions that run the scope of empowerment, love, and beauty.


”Sweet Vanilla Sky,” the third single, is a delicately intense dedication to love, loss, longing and remembrance. The track is filled with a hypnotic combination of sorrowful, guitar-driven sonics and a well of emotional depth. Harry shares, “Breakups are very hard to comprehend, one minute your life revolves around the happiness of another person, the next you are back to figuring it out on your own.”


“TImeless Dream” is a softer approach and in his own words Harry shares, “ I wrote this song whilst daydreaming in a haze of longing, soon after the relationship had ended. This was also originally Berklee homework, I never thought it was a solid enough song, until Odeya  and Ryan (Lee) heard it and told me I had to release it on the EP. We ended up shooting a really quick home music video for it, we had 15 minutes for Odeya to film me playing the song twice before I had to leave for the airport.” A soft dazy single with sonic distortions and a beautiful piano palette,  ‘Timeless Dream” is effortlessly easy to get drawn into.


Ending on the 5th and final track and newest release, “Blue Eyed Girl”, is a closing and contemplation on the relationship as well as a little peek into the sound and direction of Harry’s production evolution on his next project.


The ‘Songs About Dreams About Her’ EP was an impressive and complete DIY journey for Harry, one where he learned everything from making both short films/videos independently in collaboration with his closest friends. As Harry so beautifully puts it, “I was also reminded how important it is to always trust your gut instinct, and be patient. If you immerse yourself in what makes you happy, you will eventually see your dreams come to fruition. Focus your time on learning and doing what you love, and don’t let anyone discourage you from speaking your truth and being yourself.”


‘Songs About Dreams About Her’ is out now across all DSPs.


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