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Grich – ‘Riot’ [EVE]

Grich – ‘Riot’ [EVE]

In the wake of the riots against police brutality in Baltimore these past few weeks, Grich shows some timely revolutionary support with the forthcoming release of his new tech-house anthem Riot.

Whilst the original cut is pretty momentous in its own right, on the flip Densch pushes it further with sampled vocals that force you to consider the implication of the track’s title. With clips of an official-sounding voice repeating “the reason people riot is not exactly clear” over uplifting dreamy melodics and throbbing, electric stabs of bass, as Densch’s rework drives forward there is an underlying element of contemplation attached.

The track has been signed to the Recoverworld Label Group and will be released on their sub-label EVE. In a press release announcing the new tracks the label has said this:

“Martin Luther King Jr. once said “A riot is the language of the unheard.”

Beats and bass gather here in large groups, with a meaningful message. Don’t let the beats be taken away from us by those who fear change.

The reason people riot is not entirely clear, but it’s important that we continue to do so; to stand for our opinions and to encourage a better tomorrow.”

Listen to the preview of the track below.

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