Glen Matlock & Earl Slick Tour

Glen Matlock & Earl Slick Tour – Punk Legend Glen Matlock and his friends Earl Slick, Jim Lowe (Bass) & Chris Musto (drums)  are back on the road in the Uk for another great rock n roll tour. The band of longtime friends, love to play together as Glen’s band playing songs from Glen’s solo career and and rocka billy versions of Sex Pistols classics, the tour always shows the good times and cameraderie of a jam session at its best. Glen was the youngest member of The Sex Pistols at only 16 and he wrote many of their hits from God Save The Queen, he also played for many years in Iggy Pops band. Slick was Bowie’s guitarist.  Tour Dates here: www.glenmatlock.co.uk/

Rock \\\'n\\\' Roll Glen Matlock
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