Geronimo Jules Talks About NHS SOS, Life & Music Supporting St George’s Hospital Charity.

So, what’s up, Geronimo? What’s on your mind?

Well today I am very busy. I am publishing an article regarding a plan aimed at getting us out of the current predicament we are all in. It is entitled “A National Segregation and Release Strategy’ which aims at segregating the whole country into 14 different risk groups and then releasing us group by group with the least ‘at risk’ groups being released first. The idea is that we must get to 70% community immunity for this to be over and we now need a strategy to achieve that. The discredited herd immunity is in fact the only solution.

I am also making a video for another song called ‘Planet Home’ for release in a month or so.


Tell us everything about the charity single \’NHS SOS\’.

I wrote this to support our NHS workers. They are doing a great job and so I just started writing without really knowing where it would go. It started ‘ballady’ but ended anthemic. I guess the years have taught me that it’s easier to get people’s attention with a beat and an uplifting spirit and so when I saw that the song could in fact deliver both some serious reflection about the circumstances we are in but could also be a spirit-raising crowd pleaser I went for it. I now perform it every Thursday at 8pm to our street and last week people started coming in from other streets to hear it.


Why did you pick your artist name?

I had a business called Geronimo. I have a ski chalet in the French Alps called Geronimo. I’m known in some circles as Mr Geronimo. My real name is Julian, often shortened to Jules. The two just came together as Geronimo Jules!


When did you start writing music?

About 5 years ago. I was sat in a Spanish Finca (farmhouse) with no internet, no phone signal, nothing. I just started writing and have never looked back. Seclusion is good for concentration!


Could you briefly describe the music-making process for your tracks?

It varies a lot. No two songs are the same in truth. I always say it’s like scaling a castle wall. You have to begin by getting your grappling hook onto something you can pull on. Sometimes that’s a drum beat, sometimes a melody, sometimes a lyric. It can be anything that gets you started and which you can move forward with. These days I can produce a decent rough on logic myself but I always go to a proper music producer to ensure the end result is the best it can be. The NHS S.O.S used 95% of what I had done at home with all vocals being done by me at home. What would we do without WeTransfer?

I quite often write songs about things in the news. One I did last year was called “Thirty years in Hell”. It was about Sally Challen, the lady who hammered her husband to death and was then let out of prison on the basis of a law change about people who commit murder in circumstances where their decision making is impaired.


The video was very inspirational. Share with us the concept behind it.

It came from a conversation with a video editor. He told me to source footage from YouTube and to get my son to video me around the house. I sent the links to him and the footage. I was amazed at the result. The whole thing cost £220 and was done in a day. We’ve now had 25,000 views on YouTube.


Which animal would best suit your personality?



Who are your musical icons?

I don’t really have any icons. I have tracks that I really like but I don’t idolise people or bands. In truth, I like making music more than listening to it. That’s not to say I don’t like listening but if you are creative you want to make stuff yourself. I’ve never performed any covers.


What was the first album you purchased?

Well, it was in 1968 and my parents bought a stereo. Each of the 3 boys were allowed to but one LP (Long Player). Mine was a ‘Top of the pops’ LP, the NOW that’s what I call the music of the day! It featured Lulu with “Boom bang a bang-bang” which I think may have been the song she won Eurovision with!


Which artists are you listening to right now?

Tones and I (Dance Monkey), Don Blaine (Three Nights), Maroon 5 (memories)


What does the rest of 2020 hold for you?

Now there’s a question. I’m trying to promote the NHS S.O.S song, working out how to get the country out of this mess (I don’t trust the decision making of our current leaders) and I’ll make a few more videos of my existing tracks. I have plenty to choose from! I haven’t written a song in a few weeks so I’ll probably get onto that soon too. I’m quite a home bird so I’ll be ok as long as we don’t have to lock down like Spain, Italy or France. That’s tough.


  • All the proceeds earned from ‘NHS SOS’will be going towards helping the St George’s Hospital Charity.
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