FREE NOISE: A beat for each day of the week

FREE NOISE: A beat for each day of the week

Ok, so we know it’s been a while since we’ve pulled out a collection of free tracks for you all, and we can imagine by now that you’re probably chomping at the bit! So as we hit the first week of September, The Noise Gate’s collection of free anthems returns just in time to study up for Fresher’s week!

This week our picks of the best free tracks steer in a more bass-heavy direction, with contributions from UK bass artists such as instrumental grime don Notion, LSN’s Feonix, and Brotherhood Soundsystem’s Silas and Snare Surgeon (albeit the latter, who are notorious for producing bass-heavy belters, take things in a lighter direction this time with the aptly titled ‘New Territories’).

However with TYR’s upbeat and cheery remix of Aluna George, as well as tracks from Chiba, Chloe Martini and Lunate, there should be something for everyone to enjoy in this selection!

Manchester producer Chiba comes through with new track ‘Got Ur Back’, which is incredibly ethereal in tone and reminiscent of a trippy lullaby, whilst TYR remixes Aluna George’s ‘Best Be Believing’ on an incredibly catchy vibe. Lunate’s ‘Molt’ takes things in a hard and funky house direction, whilst Chloe Martini’s Jersey Edit of Destiny’s Childs ‘Say My Name’ truly sparkles!

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