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Francis Groove brings the ‘Dance’ party!

Francis Groove brings the ‘Dance’ party!

Dance is the new single from Belgium DJ/producer Francis Groove, who performs house sets to crowds all over the world. Dance is a classic pop/house record with an infectious vocal hook, performed by VSNA. Francis wanted to create a party track that everyone could dance to, so he needed to find a vocalist who could deliver a killer hook. After a year of searching, he found VSNA, and the two of them formed the dream creative team behind Dance.

“This track is about having fun…going out and dancing with a partner till dawn, finding a beat that makes you move, catching new sounds and lyrics from the music. Having one of those nights that makes you fall back in love with music!” Francis Groove

Dance is the follow up single from Love\’s Gonna Find U, a chilled house pop record with a soulful vocal.  The single was featured on UK blogs such as Music Week, Vents and The Noise Gate and topped the UK club charts!

Francis started his career by mixing rare grooves at parties. After a pivotal trip to New York, he added electro dance to his mixes and production and his unique sound was formed. He frequented the infamous club The Sound Factory, meeting like minded artists and hearing some of the best DJs in the world move huge crowds. He now lives between Belgium and Hungary, working on his new music and performing to crowds all over the world.

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