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Flux Pavilion presents Earwax

Flux Pavilion presents Earwax

Flux Pavilion brings us ‘Earwax’, one of his most personal and crafted projects to date: a carefully curated compilation of music old and new that showcases the diversity of the Circus Records stable by exploring richly textured and captivating moods and soundscapes.

Bass music producer, songwriter and performer Flux Pavilion has been at the forefront of the global electronic music scene for almost a decade, from founding the influential Circus Records with childhood friend and collaborator Doctor P to more recently building on the vivid creative statement of chart-topping debut album ‘Tesla’ with a series of rapturously-received singles and the hugely successful ‘Around The World In 80 Raves’ tour.

In his own words: “A lot of people talk about music, it’s fascinating and powerful stuff, but for me it’s to be listened to. I get tongue tied when I try to explain what it makes me feel because listening to music is purely like nothing else. We release a lot of music on Circus, most of it to be danced to, but all of it to be listened to. This album takes the focus away from the dancefloor and steers it towards the ears, listen to it from front to back and soak it up, that’s what it was made for.”

The compilation boasts eleven brand new tracks from an exciting roster of breakthrough artists as well as ten previously released gems that perfectly compliment the mood Flux Pavilion wanted to create. It’s an album to be savoured and appreciated, an intricate story that unfolds over time.

Flux Pavilion presents Earwax is out 27 July


  1. Khwezi – Fragile feat. Laura Greaves
  2. Ork¿d – Rosalia
  3. Flux Pavilion – Symphony feat. Layna
  4. Cyran – All The Time
  5. Fransis Derelle – Slow feat. Kevin Flum & Effy
  6. Big Voyage – Live And Die feat. Vinny Cha$e
  7. Kentaro x Rafik x Yuto – Kinmirai
  8. DISKORD – Last Time
  9. Big Voyage – Jellyfish Bloom (Part 1)
  10. Engine-EarZ Experiment – Blue Moon feat. Kate Havnevik & Shahid Abbas Khan
  11. 30 Hurts – Dehli Rock
  12. Submotion Orchestra – 1968
  13. LUZCID – Laid Back
  14. Brown and Gammon – Be There
  15. Big Voyage – Jellyfish Bloom (Part 3)
  16. Rusko – High
  17. CRaymak – Play With Fire feat. Neon Dreams
  18. Khwezi – All For You feat. Casey Breaves
  19. Growlz – Glass Forest
  20. Mark The Beast – Floating Away
  21. Flux Pavilion – Ironheart feat. Bully Songs
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