Five Facts About Myth

Following his release on CIA Records, the brain child of drum & bass pioneers Total Science, Myth drops five facts about his history as an artist.

His \’Twist of Fate\’ EP dropped last month and it represents another mind bending release on CIA – with a range of support from across the drum & bass scene, the newcomer is becoming a buy-on-sight name.

From his background as a multi-electronic genre DJ, through to his hip hop influences and his part in the project Ill Truth, Myth highlights the pivotal moments of his budding career.

1. My musical background was mostly 90s hip hop peppered with a load of dance classics for as long as I can remember. I first got into drum and bass in 2009. My friend Martin Elder was DJing dubstep and drum and bass and I became obsessed with the music and the need to DJ. The first major artist I saw live was Andy C at Nass festival and it’s still one of the best sets I have ever seen. The most influence I have taken will be from the Bristol guys. Break, DLR, Total Science, Mako and Hydro.

 2. I still like my Hip Hop but I’m also feeling the 140 vibes and anything with the funk really. In terms of wanting to get into production it was meeting my friend Haden who I am in Ill Truth with. He was doing it and over time I began wanting to have my own tunes to play in sets so I locked myself away for a while and caught up.

3. Chemical records was the spot in the vinyl days. Sadly no longer exists but that place was super fun to go and play around at. The most defining release for me was most probably trust me by Roni Size. I had never encountered a harder tune to mix at this point. If you could dial it every go you were a don.

4. My main reason for DJing and producing was my friend Martin Elder who was just a great DJ and knew all the tunes and I just wanted to do what he did. The thing with me is that once I start with something I obsess and strive to learn all I can do it’s been going on since then.

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