EXCLUSIVE: Former Hacienda promoter joins forces with DJ Red Lab to form ‘The Get Down Guys’ for new monthly parties in Manchester

For two weeks of every month, Stage and Radio (the ever-growing and popular bar based in the Northern Quarter of Manchester’s party central) will be hosting ‘The Get Down Guys’ from as early as nine pm through to four am in the morning!

Yes that’s right, the soulful, mo-town inspired, new Orleans funky lads ‘The Get Down Guys’ will be keeping it real down town; supplying our ears with the sounds that make you want to groove and move the dance floor. One of the nights will be run under ‘Safehouse’’ events while the other remains solely within ‘Stage and Radio’ as a monthly residency. These lads really are kicking it! After having the opportunity to spend time talking to them both on a more intimate level, and after making my way down to hear them play only two weeks ago on 27/05/2018’; is why I am personally so excited to tell you all about their journey right here, today; as a special Noise Gate exclusive.

Now if you haven’t heard of them already, then you are probably wondering who are ‘The Get Down Guys’. The duo consist of ‘Marc Strapp’ and ‘Gav O’Callaghan’, two long standing friend’ and DJ’s who have been mixing records together for quite some time now. While attending their last event I felt that Stage and Radio appeared proud to be holding the both talented and recognised guys at their bar as the room was full of positive vibrations and a good essence within the people was felt. In the past the lads have been quite prevalent in the Manchester music scene; as they used to be more commonly known from their previous resident spots which ran at both ‘Abel Heywood: Northern Quarter’ and ‘Lock 91: Deansgate’.

Both Marc and Gav have been very excited to share their story with us today so that readers can divulge in their journey onto pastures new and hear some sneaky tasters into why they have chosen to continue their residency spots under the duo named ‘The Get Down Guys’.

Marc and Gav are unique in that they can bring bright-eyed wholesome crowds together into the same room; invoking a community to build as they have been grasping the attention of a wide range of musical tastes, musical cultures and different age groups simultaneously. Marc is the guy who contributes their mix with his own style of Mo-town and New Orleans funk while Gav then compliments this selection with his disco and tech house background samples, both providing music to your ears, quite literally!

Marc told us that he was “the youngest ever promoter for the Hacienda at 16 years of age”. Alongside this knowledge, Gav has also been known to produce tunes with the likes of ‘Phuket’ as he also DJ’s under the name ‘Red Lab’ (you can take a listen to his track produced with ‘Phutek ‘ by clicking on the link below); therefore as you are probably already thinking, the guys have a seemingly good background in musical culture which leads us onto how ‘The Get Down Guys’ were born.

While interviewing both Marc and Gav, I felt inspired by their love and passion, not only for what I’m about to tell you in regards to their ideas but by their shear drive to ‘get down, have some fun, and make people dance’ and this for me is what clubbing is really about.

Both guys have a liking for James Brown, well, I say liking, that may be an understatement but hey; it’s cool because it was from this mutual love of Brown that the pair found themselves quoting the words ‘”let’s get down” to one another on nights out and that is where their name ‘The Get Down Guys’ was essentially born and the duo first come together. Marc and Gav recognised that a lot of Manchester’s bars appeared to be playing music which held them within one particular genre, i.e. hip hop, techno, etc. They felt that they wanted to bring something a little different by incorporating their musical background knowledge and bringing old school records into a funky, driving, dance-able and fun mix tape for the crowds. Gav (already known as ‘DJ Red Lab’) had previously played for Stage and Radio however this was downstairs and it was for ‘House 22 Records’; a prominent techno label. From the duos earlier residency spots, a text was received by their manager who confirmed positive feedback to the guys, as someone they knew had sent the message and said that they were “phenomenal” in what they do. Stage and Radio heard about this and asked if the pair would DJ in the upstairs bar as they too, were looking to offer something different to their customers. They have the downstairs dance floor full every weekend however this music is a lot more heavy and industrial. Marc, Gav and Stage and Radio felt that it would work by playing the less heavy, and funkier beats upstairs, and after witnessing their performance together I can say that it does indeed, work.

People came in and out all night long, would hear old tracks they recognise sampled with acapella’ and instantly begin to dance. The mixing was nice to hear, the sounds were smooth and it remained fluid and consistent throughout. Marc and Gav described their music as “experimental and fun”. During my time with them here are a few more things they had to say…

“We want the music to do the talking for the people, we want to cut stigma and be welcoming to all yet most of all we are there to have fun and help others do that with us”.

The guys spoke to me about how they noticed young eighteen, nineteen, twenty something teenagers stood in the same room as forty something adults and both age groups alike were enjoying the music but most importantly the guys felt a buzz about how much this seemed to bring people together, stating that “they wanted to bring the old in with the new”.

Check the link below to listen to one of their most recent online mix tapes and I think after reading this, it would be hard to not appreciate it in the way we do…

Expect to hear tracks roll smoothly into one another from artists like ‘Herbie Hancock VS Anderson Peak – Come down just around the corner’ into ‘Erik Rug ft Dynamax of Zulu Nation – Tribute’ through to ‘Mark Knight & Funkagendas remix –  Love Sweet Sound’ with a finish of ‘Ralphi Rosorio ft Linda Clifford – Give it up: full intention remix’  and ultimately ending on ‘David Penn – Yeah Yeah’. Two definite gems!

We found that this mix was great to listen to as it took us back down memory lane while providing our ears with moving yet great tunes which I quote “made us feel  that if we was driving to this music, the miles would disappear…” – that is how much fun we have had working with these guys and thoroughly look forward to attending their event again!

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