Event Review: New Year’s Eve with Dixon b2b Âme @ Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE

Event Review: New Year’s Eve with Dixon b2b Âme @ Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE

Last week we headed to Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE to rein in the New Year with DixonÂme, and Denis Horvat.

Mirroring its older sister in Ibiza, Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE is a venue for all times of the day. It offers a cool spot to relax and enjoy the sun whether you are dropping in for a casual lunch or romantic dinner, and when it comes to parties, it has hosted some of the hottest DJs and artists on the planet.

Located in a secluded beach spot at Golden Tulip Al Jazira, Ghantoot, it isn’t hard to see why the venue attracts so many people. The beach club/outdoor nightclub and restaurant is just 20 minutes’ drive from Dubai and about 40 minutes from Abu Dhabi, ideal for partygoers from both emirates .

Their NYE celebration, with it’s impressive line-up, is proof as to why Blue Marlin has become such a stalwart in Emirates nightlife – not to mention the fact tickets for this special night included open beverages all evening.

Due to this, we arrived at the club pretty early at around 9pm, so we could really make the most of it and soak up the atmosphere. It was pretty busy even at this time, with a soundtrack of laid-back house vibes to begin the night.

After a few trips to the bar and numerous photo’s with the impressive backdrops Blue Marlin hd to offer, it was time for Croatian DJ and Producer Denis Horvat to take to the decks. His set went through many sub genres, with tracks to satisfy a wider audience. He delivered a combination of  a deep, soulful sounds, including Temper Trap’s ‘Sweet Disposition’, which had everyone’s hands in the air.

When it was the turn of Âme and Dixon, they start off with typical Innervisions-esque sounds, rich with melancholy and nostalgia and laced with haunting lyrics. Dropping the blissful Mano Le Tough Remix of Tyson’s ‘Mr Rain’, before picking up the pace with tickling synths and heavier drums.

They gradually pick up the pace to get everyone in the zone. While they’re aesthetically similar, the tone each selector brings to the table matches their attitude completely: The more upbeat and flamboyant Âme reads the crowd like a clairvoyant, coming up with tracks you’d never expect to hear. Plus, their selection is beyond measure, manipulating ravers to dance all night like a puppeteer.

Dixon, on the other hand, is the kind of DJ that connects with fans on a more emotional level with his deep, melancholic style. He fully captivates you with his innate ability to combine tracks that, on paper, have no business coming together. The point was driven home as the sleazy breaks of Funk Mob’s ‘Motorbass Get Funked Up’ slowly slid into Jimmy Edgar’s slammin’ vocal track ‘Let Me Tell U’, instantly turning the packed venue into a sauna as the crowd writhed with joy.

After having built up the vibe, they ended with a more traditional back to back set, playing one track each, further raising the temperature and picking up the pace, the Innervisions bosses made it clear their set was near its culmination. When combined, they bring the best of both worlds, keeping the perfect balance between house and techno, treating ravers with sonic drugs no music junkie can say no to.

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