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Emmy Award winning composer Kodomo releases ‘In November’

Emmy Award winning composer Kodomo releases ‘In November’

Not one to be labelled generic, Kodomo has successfully defined himself as an innovator of the electronic scene, often combining ambient, IDM and orchestral scores to create pure and almost dreamlike immersive experiences; and his latest track continues to push the boundaries of his song-writing.

‘In November’ is the ultimate showcase of Kodomo’s exceptional talents as both a composer & a visionary, a culmination of all those years spent refining & shaping his brand.

‘In November’ is a cinematic masterpiece of epic proportions, with each minute upping the game of the previous one to create a truly inspirational behemoth within the electronic scene. Whatever your mood and whatever your environment, the track manages to cater for more than just its intended audience by expertly experimenting throughout with tempo, feeling & drama.

From start to finish ‘In November’ is an invigorating listen and a rare example of an electronic track with the widest appeal imaginable. Whether it’s through found sound, atmospheric house or elegant ambient breakdowns, Kodomo continues to evolve as both a composer & storyteller, and this latest single is a testament to his extraordinary capabilities.

Kodomo ‘In November’ is out now from all digital store; including Spotify, iTunes and Amazon Music.

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