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Elementz Of Noize Feat. Jim Sclavunos

Elementz Of Noize Feat. Jim Sclavunos

From the original jungle days of SOUR Records with some classic jungle tunes such as ‘Hit the Deck’, Stick Up’ (Featuring MC Det) through to some atmospheric and intelligent DnB classics on Emotif Records such as ‘Neon’Astral’ & ‘Clock’ which was a massive favourite of the legendary John Peel who included the track on his‘Fabric Live’ LP. To being the first artist to release single ‘Law Of The Jungle’ on M Ocean and bringing the Noize!

Music maestro Elementz is back! Not one to follow a current trend but instead creating sound that is more about mood than dancefloor. Versatility and morphing styles is his thing and this ep covers a whole wide spectrum of drum & bass/jungle!

Society – Feat. Jim Sclavunos
The title track sees EONteaming up with Nick Cave and The Bad Seedsmulti-instrumentalist Jim Sclavunos. Grinderman’sdrummer delivers a genius scowling half-spoken half-sung vocal which twists and turns through Killing Joke-styled guitars and thumbing beats. Deep lyrical mastery above soaring pad synths and bouncing basslines as EON and Jim Sclavunos, two dark lords from totally different parts of the musical world, join forces to create a powerful fusion of rock meets dnb. No boundaries here — just known unknowns and unknown unknowns!

Electric Arcs Through Air
In coming!!! One of the first tracks that Al wrote after his return from the wilderness finds it’s place on the ep. Electric Arcs pierce the air like lightening bolts through torrential rain. Chimes, filtered techy beats hit the ground and explode into a crunching mix of reece and sub which constantly layer up the levels of bass destruction, spreading like ocean waves crashing onto the rocks. A massive wall of sound builds throughout this relentlessly moving track which gives us a lovely mix of heavy beats & basslines merging with some typically elemental soaring strings.

In Sane
An eerie presence is here and there’s plenty of weight behind it as metallic drones move behind industrial driving beats. The bleeding bass sounds unnervingly slide down the walls around us until an anxiety cry hits home… are you alright? The precisely weighted powerful snare drives the molten beats from the beginning to the end with the insanity dipping in and out of this truly surreal atmospheric middle of nowhere track. You may not escape with your mind in tact!

The eerie presence continues with the trippy chilled ambiance of “alone”. This odd off the wall number wraps us up in warm subs and tribal rhythms that melodically drift like sea mist on a cold dark night. The icy haunting vocal glues the track together and calls out into the freezing air.

There’s a ghostly sense of melancholy with the lonely droning synths which beautifully merge into the busy light beats and moving 808’s to illuminate the darkness.

Jim Sclavunos

A key member of Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds(and offshoot band Grinderman,Jim also has his own NY-based musical ensemble The Vanity Set. Jim has played a fundamental part in the international music scene as we know it having played with iconic bands like Sonic Youth, Teenage Jesus & the Jerks, and The Cramps. when Jim is not performing (or producing artists like the Horrors, Gogol Bordello, etc.) you can catch him on his monthly slot on Soho Radio.

Drum and Bass Elementz Of Noize Feat. Jim Sclavunos
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