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Eisensteyn Releases Orchestral Dubstep Megalith

Eisensteyn Releases Orchestral Dubstep Megalith

Rising artist Eisensteyn is back with a new classical-influenced dubstep track – \\\’Slavonic Dance\\\’. Mixing orchestral elements, choirs and cinematic spoken word with earth-shattering bass, this is a bold and ambitious cut.

Eisensteyn grew up in Vienna, Austria surrounded by classical music and this heritage has embedded itself in his work. He combines this influence with his skill as a drummer, seasoned by playing for years in punk bands, and a love for electronic music. This all comes together in his productions and the result is something quite unique.

In his performances, he plays live drums alongside the electronic elements of his productions – this sounds thrilling and is surely something to look out for once the live music scene gets up and running again.

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