Drone MCR: ‘The Horrorist’ – Live Set

Drone MCR: ‘The Horrorist’ – Live Set

Tonight 04/05/2018 Drone Manchester, UK will be hosting an event whereby the legend that is known as ‘The Horrorist’ will be bashing out some of the best underground industrial techno sounds you could ever hear.

‘The HORROIST’ is originally from New York City and it was the record ‘ONE NIGHT IN NYC’ that made his existence and stance within this culture so profound at the time. ‘The Horrorist’; Oliver Chester was born in 1970 and was spinning records from as early as the late 80’s. His nickname came from when he used to hang around the back streets of New York and he would be exposed to cocaine addicts in pubs which he described as a ‘horrid environment’ however could not seem to separate himself away from the community he was subjected too and grew up around. This WAS the early life of Oliver.

The lyrics to the song ‘One night in NYC’ are evil and dark and it is for this very reason that he gained recognition and became formally known as ‘The Horrorist’. When the lyrics were wrote, it wasn’t with any evil intention it was down to his own personal experiences and how he felt he could bring those places of darkness into the knowledge of others so that they could essentially be brought to light.

His concepts, as an artist, can be difficult for some people to understand however what we must remember is that his lyrics are telling a story, and those stories are nothing too dissimilar to what happens around us in society a lot of the time. Every track he makes has its own story and it is up to you what you wish to take from it. His only intention was to use music as an art of expression and emotion, nothing more and nothing less.

After his first track drew so much attention and became so popular for the messages that he could construe to the crowd, ‘The Horrorist’ then became the name by which he decided to produce under and continue to work within.

We would say that ‘The Horrorist’ is able to be horrid and the conceptual messages to be seen as an expression of emotion when clubbers alike can relate to the darkness that he brings to the dancefloor. Oliver chooses to bring the horrendous activities that go on behind closed doors in society to the dance floor in a way that whether or not you can relate or perceive them as bad or evil or even crossing any personal musical boundaries, his ability to create a culture of people together through the unity of sharing darkness is what takes presidency in his music.

It is this unity and acceptance which creates colour and culture within those that choose to release or digest these aspects or concepts and continue to stomp together; this culture is able to release the darkness, while they are not alone and it is this what makes ‘The Horrorist’ so nerve chilling yet attractive to those that can find their footsteps in that room.

Now, tonight’s event will be a replica of just that and will be led by similar supporting artists. The Horrorist and his support will be expecting to blow the industrial techno stomping shoes off those people that attend tonight’s event; which is expected to be one hell of a good one!

Please see full line up below:

The Horrorist ‘Live SET’
Warin D (WarinD, Instruments of Discipline)
Pastrum (Rudelbums/Geneva)
Sabes (Gomboc Records, ant-zen)
Kenny Campbell (Pitch Dark Records)
E/LM (Drone Resident)

Now before you avid techno fans get too excited about what tonight’s gig has to offer we thought we would also let you in on some further information so hang tight and read on…

Pitch Dark Records (Kenny Campbell’s Label) did a news article recently where they opened up about the artists that they have been very grateful to work alongside throughout their own personal journey, such as Rebekah, Perc, Dax J and Jerome Hill therefore it is an absolute pleasure to have them playing alongside ‘Drone Manchester’ this evening. It is this style and calibre of techno that opens windows and doors and scope for other artists alike. Pitch Dark Records have said that they plan to work harder yet darker and to continue increasing their scope and interests within this culture.

Today Manchester is spoilt for choice when it comes down to Techno gigs nowadays however Pitch Dark Records intend to keep sharing their love.

If we look back at Drone Manchester’s spring schedule we can see that they played not only in the UK but places such as Krakow, Geneva, Dublin and even India. It is brilliant to see this growth within the industrial techno culture continuing to thrive and spread as a lot of techno nowadays can be given a bad name, and this we feel, is down to ignorance of what a genre of music can give a person internally. Techno alone has sub genres and not all Techno is how one person may describe it. Techno should be something that you find yourself in.

Tonight, ‘The Horrorist’ will provide you with those gritty, industrial, experimental, evil, dark, deadly, edgy sounds and so if the sound of this appeals to you then make sure you don’t waste your Friday night wishing you could be there!!!

‘The Horrorist’ has been voted for many awards in his past, including Warner Music and Sony Music Entertainment; not forgetting that many big named artists have recreated his work from when his number one track ‘One night in NYC’ was re-released in 2004. Each song poses a different reality, they may unsettle you, impress you or merely express an explosive array of techno emotion… the choice is yours. We know that we shall be there, so come and join us in this journey…

Tickets are now selling out fast so best to grab yours quick, please see the link for tickets below:

Link to Drone Manchester:

And as an added bonus, here is a link for one of Enrique’s set’s (Drone Resident) – who shall also be playing at tonight’s event under the DJ name E/LM.

Have a listen, buy a ticket, and ENJOY!

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