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DJ Zenas drops love-letter single ‘By Ur Side’

DJ Zenas drops love-letter single ‘By Ur Side’

Dj Zenas is more than just a DJ, and his latest release ‘By Ur Side’ proves just that. His newest project is an unofficial love-letter which shows how the Denver artist has perfected his craft.

Discussing the release, DJ Zenas explains:

“After taking an unintentional hiatus from music for months, it was clear how much I missed the process of making music, and what I needed to communicate is that I created this song literally on my first day back in the studio,” Zenas explains. “You could say this song is the catalyst of me rediscovering who I am as an artist, so it means a lot to me. She means a lot to me.”

DJ Zenas moved to Dallas, Texas last year to further pursue his music career after linking up with Jon-John Robinson, 2X Grammy Award Winning Multi-Platinum songwriter/producer (TLC, Pink, Gladys Knight, Diana Ross, Babyface), and collaborating with him for multiple projects. Since moving to Texas, Zenas has also produced several tracks for The Black Sands soundtrack (a comic turned animated series) and has continued to work on his own music.

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