DJ E-Clyps Brings Down the House with ‘Blackbird’

DJ E-Clyps Brings Down the House with ‘Blackbird’

Once a tour DJ to Gucci Mane and a collaborator with Too $hort, DJ E-Clyps makes his way back into the DIRTYBIRD fold today with a two-piece heater titled ‘Blackbird.’ The EP follows his 2017 label debut on that year’s ‘BBQ Compilation.’

Blackbird takes flight with “Scooty Woop,” which is an infectious listen that manages to work magic with a 10-note hook and thumping bass that together are emblematic of the DIRTYBIRD sound. Its hilarious video only adds to the ambiance.

Things get deeper with “Coffee Break,” featuring the seductive vocal talents of E1SA. Minimal in nature, the piece lays on the grooves and the steely percussion that creates a heads-down effect. At the end, licks of flute add a bit of fun to the finished product.



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