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Dizraeli Drops New Single ‘Oi Oi’

Dizraeli Drops New Single ‘Oi Oi’

UK rapper, poet and activist Dizraeli drops ‘Oi Oi’, the second single from his upcoming album, ‘The Unmaster’,

Throughout the song, the talented MC tears apart influences as diverse as trap and noise music, building the track’s instruments himself, Dizraeli captured field recordings around London; the main marimba sound is a bollard played in the carpark of Tottenham Halfords, the drums are built from vocal noises and saucepans, while snatches of yells from school playgrounds and an anti-austerity protest are scattered around the track.

The Bristol born poet and MC’s fierce politicised narrative is often based on real life events, like in this single – a twisted love song to London – where the stabbing of a shopkeeper actually witnessed by the artist becomes the focus of his poignant delivery.

Dizraeli will play the first full live band show on 17th May at Redon in London before performing at Knockengorroch Festival in Scotland, London’s Woodburner, Boomtown Fair, Larmer Tre and Shambala over the summer,




17 May 2019 – London – Redon, Bethnal Green –

24 May 2019 – Knockengorroch Festival – Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland

10 Aug 2019 – Boomtown Fair, Hampshire, UK

11 Jun 2019 – Woodburner – Dalston Curve Garden, London, UK

19 Aug – Larmer Tree Festival, (Spoken Word), Dorset, UK

20 Aug – Larmer Tree Festival, (Full Live Band), Dorset, UK

23 Aug 2019 – Shambala Festival, Northamptonshire, UK





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