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Detroit’s Filthiest – Honor Among Thieves EP [Defrostatica Records]

Detroit’s Filthiest – Honor Among Thieves EP [Defrostatica Records]

Leipzig continues to tremble like a ship in heavy seas thanks to Defrostatica Records, which has just dropped the super heavyweight label debut from Detroit’s Filthiest.

The Baghdad-born, Detroit-made musician is a genuine innovator, pushing ghettotech forward ever forward with power and precision ever since his first release in 1996 under the moniker DJ Nasty. On the Honor Among Thieves EP, the producer breaks breaks on three fleet-footed bangers overflowing with groove and ocean-deep bassline behaviour. The EP rounds off with a smoky half-time remix of ‘Secret Sauce’ from Malaga-based outfit BSN Posse, and is polished off with artwork from infamous Leipzig collective Doppeldenk.

Check the record out below, and head to Defrostatica Records to buy.

While you’re at it, head here for Detroit’s Filthiest’s guest mix for Nest HQ.

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