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Det Gode Selskab launches annual sampler compilation with Dandy Jack, Robert Dietz & more..

Det Gode Selskab launches annual sampler compilation with Dandy Jack, Robert Dietz & more..

Det Gode Selskab’s influence on Norwegian club culture has undoubtedly been significant during their several years on the scene. Since the birth of the label, they have strived to create a family-like community of like minded producers and DJ’s committed to educate themselves of the fundamental roots of house music within the queer and black community. Celebrating the birth of  jazz, rock, disco, and many more genres within these communities which has had a landslide influence on modern house music as we know it today, summer 2020 has seen the debut release of Det Gode Selskab’s sampler compilation which will feature yearly on the imprint.  This years sampler 2020 will donate 50% of sales in July towards Black History Month Norway, furthering the work being done with the LGBT+ community.

The 2020 Sampler celebrates the mastery of regular artists featured on the label and brings them together to create a piece of work which spirals between the genres of dance music whilst keeping to that familiar DGS sound world. The 15 track compilation highlights the spellbinding works from artists such as Alexander Skancke, featuring the tech house driven drum grooves in The Dreamzzz. Co-founders of the label, Karl Fraunhofer and & Chris Solaris, also make an appearance with an array of ethereal sounds over a mellow hi hat groove entitled Images.

As well as highlighting the labels regular artists, the work also provides a platform for upcoming artists. FAER (made up of the duo Argenis Brito & Felipe Valenzuela) make an appearance with their compelling track No Filter. In the track Hacking Jazz, Third Attempt pays homage to the jazz genre whilst flavouring it with a modern electronic dance twist. Yalla (Let’s Go) darkens the tone, giving more of a space electro vibe with it’s haunting vocals and poignant acid bass textures. Trulz&Robin’s Let Freedom Rain rounds 2020 Sampler exquisitely, with it’s lush pads proving a landscape in which a wistful mixture of synths, percussions and vocals can playfully intertwine.

It is without a doubt that 2020 Sampler has thoroughly highlighted the success Det Gode Selskab’s artists throughout the years, jotting through the multitude of genres that this diverse label has to offer whilst all fighting towards one cause.

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