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Dancing Into the Night with Indie Explosion T3TRA

Dancing Into the Night with Indie Explosion T3TRA
Hailing from San Francisco, meet T3TRA. As she brings a dreamy landscape to the table, this year has seen her releasing epic new singles such as “Ohmygod.” and “Yours,” in which she recently released a video as well this month. On each piece she delivers a bold and textured sound that brings her soul to life. Facing obstacles at an early age, T3TRA has been recording and touring since her early teen years. No stranger to the music world for sure. As she has built her craft throughout time, she comes to life with songs that are electro-laced, vibrant and will have you addicted. She recalls artists such as Halsey, CHVRCHES, and Robyn, but very much brings to the world a sound that is very much her own. Her lyrical vulnerability and willingness to pull no punches is pure T3TRA….and we’re head over heels for it.
T3TRA’s music explores themes of love, lust, and loss with an unwavering eye. As she notes about her lyrics, “I write songs about the things nobody and everybody likes to talk about.”
Her music is filled with pulsing beats, layers of lush synths, and compelling vocals, T3TRA’s music is a blast of danceable angst. With 2020 shaping up to be a big year for T3TRA despite the current landscape, she is certainly one to watch. Listen in and listen loudly!
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