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D ‘Stil shares music video for UKG track ‘Bag Down’ 

D ‘Stil shares music video for UKG track ‘Bag Down’ 
Birmingham producer D Stil kicked this year off with the monster UK Garage x hip hop single ‘Bag Down‘ which has been igniting the bubbling new UKG scene since it’s release in early Feb. The playful floor filler features verses from UK hip hop favourites Ric Flo and MAEAR (both from the highly acclaimed collective Jungle Brown), who cleverly juxtapose the ambiguous undertone with some cheeky bars. There’s also an infectious vocal hook courtesy of multi-talented singer Karl Williams.
Now D’Stil adds further mystery to the ‘Bag’ in question with this official music video which encapsulates the light-hearted approach of the release. The story features D’Stil and all the featured artists in a chaotic bag chase directed and shot by Daz The Director. D’Stil explains:
“Listeners have been asking what s in the bag since the single release, so for the video I wanted to keep them guessing. The clumsy character Dennis needs to get the bag to his boss. Sounds easy enough, right? Not if youre Dennis!”
Since moving to London from Birmingham in 2016, D’Stil has collaborated with various London rappers and singers, with such releases supported by BBC Introducing, Rinse FM and Flex FM. After an exciting 2019 for D’Stil and Red Side Records (which he co-owns), including supporting Artful Dodger, ‘Bag Down‘ sets the tone for a series of new collaborations and singles this year, with plans for a highly anticipated second EP to follow the success of his debut ‘By Your Side‘EP in the pipes.
As a proud British Indian, he has had difficulties breaking norms and stereotypes as a producer, singer and songwriter. Through his music and activism, he aims to champion British Asian talent, across the arts and beyond. As a sufferer of eczema his whole life he also works to raise awareness for eczema sufferers as well as creatives with eczema who struggle to gain recognition due to the stigma attached he highlights this work with the hashtag #EczemaWarrior.
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