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Clo Sur Premieres “The Wonder of You and I”

Clo Sur Premieres “The Wonder of You and I”
One of our favorite discoveries of the past couple of weeks is buzzworthy Indie artist, Clo Sur. The artist has just released today his latest endeavor, “The Wonder of You and I,” which is definitely giving us Summer vibes. The track is a swirling masterpiece of intricate vocals and backing instruments that will have you floating on cloud 9. Clo Sur shares his point of view and brings to the table a song that is honest, heartfelt and strong.
Driven by reflective lyrics and a warm pop vocal, Clo Sur is a Los Angeles-based songwriter creating atmospheric pop music that lands confidently between the structure of singer-songwriter and musical production of electropop.

Listen to “The Wonder of You and I” via Spotify:
Giving us insight into the song, Clo Sur took the time to share with us:

“Any songwriter knows that a song can come together in a hundred different ways. Sometimes you feel like you’re chipping away at a brick wall and other times it’s like you already discovered something finished and you can’t remember how it came together. “The Wonder of You and I” represents the latter. It’s a simple love song about recognizing my wife daily and I’d say what’s so satisfying about it is that when a song comes together like this, quickly and effortlessly, it’s almost like I get to experience it more as a listener than a writer. It’s such an interesting experience to have with something you create. You don’t have time to obsess and critique every little detail. I’m so grateful to have that experience with a song that serves as a personal reminder to be present, and it’s a reminder I’m excited to share with others.”
Additionally he shares:

“I’m excited to be able to join the community #ArtistsForJustice by donating 10% of the streaming royalties for “The Wonder of You and I” to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and Color of Change. This can feel like a strange time to promote a happy love song. I’m glad I can give the release more purpose by acknowledging what’s going on in the world and offering my audience a way to support these meaningful organizations while listening.”
No stranger to the world of music, Clo Sur has been perfecting and honing his sound for a number of years, and now is stepping into center stage. Drawing influence from composers like John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Alan Silvestri and Ramin Djawadi,  he says they have had the unique ability to inspire great emotion with the simplest, profound pattern of notes.
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