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Cinzia & The Eclipse Warns “Don’t Call Me Up” on New Single

Cinzia & The Eclipse Warns “Don’t Call Me Up” on New Single

Don’t Call Me Up came to be after an ex messaged Cinzia with an old memory. They both knew whatever they had was done. He moved on, but Cinzia would be lying if she said she did at that time.

In her annoyance over her lack of control, Cinzia wrote the first line of “Don’t Call Me Up,” Cinzia & The Eclipse‘s hot new track: Don’t call me up if you’re not in love with me anymore.

Cinzia worked with producer Lucas Liberatore on “Don’t Call Me Up,” an experience that made their connection even stronger after having worked on a handful of songs together previously. Cinzia wanted the production to be vulnerable yet strong, embodying that moment of fulfillment when you put your foot down and make the tough decision to think of yourself over anyone else.

Don’t Call Me Up” was ignited by anger and sadness, but it captures a little bit of a boss moment through the strength at its core. “Don’t Call Me Up” is telling yourself that you’re going to be stronger than your sadness and be able to overcome it.

In any situation, we need to have a better understanding of ourselves to be able to know what’s harming us, when to let it go, and when to move on. 

Cinzia & The Eclipse want you to have enough courage to let go, step into the unknown, and forget about the fear of it.

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