CHRIS MANLEY: ‘Acoustic Guitarist’ – Live Set

On Sunday 25th February the Noisegate found themselves travelling across to Hebden Bridge; a town in a relatively local region from Manchester; this was an exciting opportunity to sit back, take Sunday in its stride and experience the well composed and strategic work of the towns now increasingly known, accomplished and established acoustic guitar, singer and songwriter; Chris Manley.

Chris studied guitar from an early age and it is his dedication to the voice of the guitar itself that came to our attention initially and made the visit so thoroughly enjoyable to attend. That said; we would like you to read our views and the reasons that we wish to share them to you as this particular performance was truly enlightening. Luckily, on this occasion, we was fortunate enough to catch Chris play live and within an intimate environment whereby his skill base could be truly appreciated and enjoyed by all those who attended whether they was their knowingly what to expect or not (as many people in the audience appeared to be avid fans of Chris and his touch with music.)

After personally speaking with Chris on the day it was apparent that his devotion lay solely with his musical career and personal development inside of that. Whether Chris is busy performing in and around the UK and across the country he still chooses to allow time and commitment in his day to day schedule so that he can also partake in a duo act as the consistent partner and instrulmentalist for Terry Logan, whom holds a hugely talented and distinctive voice. Only recently have Chris and Terry completed their first UK tour and have since been attending regular gigs together; forming a ever increasing following Chris also remains to continue as an individual and concentrate on his own musical journey alongside this role and commitment to Terry.

While we are on the topic of Terry Logan herself, it feels necessary to mention that she has an outstanding talent and ability to entrap her audience through her use of vocal arrangement and style, and that both Chris and Terry compose a strong and respected duo act as they work intimately with each others most natural abilities.

The NoiseGate team have been closely ‘Keeping a close eye’ on Terry and Chris’ commitment to their musically choreographed and indifferent collage of sounds via their ability to loop hypnotic vocals alongside the guitar adjoined with their infectious sounds and energy.

Listening to the collaborations of both artists throughout their early and more recent careers has answered the question as to why we have been inspired by their sound; which we feel can only be described as captivating and inspirational to the majority; if not all listeners.

The excitement we have for Chris is ever-growing as we witness his growth and how he is able to mesmerise the audience through infused instrumental sounds. Chris is clearly able to express his versatile energy yet remain warm, soulful and indifferent towards his audience. We felt it was down to his multi skill base which kept the audience entrapped as he played compositions that ranged from the incredibly popular band ‘Portishead’ followed by well known ballads such as ‘Papa was a rolling stone’. In his spare time, Chris dedicates himself to sharing his skill set by also teaching guitar lessons locally. It was evident that Chris has a passion for the music he plays and this is most likely represented by his eternal influence, approach and expansion to exploring the acoustic guitar and its ability to redevelop old material and sounds while adding his own personal style and musical variation, too.

From watching Chris perform, it is no wonder that his and Terry’s debut EP; ‘Believe it a little’ gained an offical release date back in September 2017; making the Berlin label ‘Mighty Reel recordings’ a popular influx upon their progress and from listeners alike.

On top of all this; Chris is able to adapt his performance to encompass other musicians too. Another locally known pianist and singer within Hebden Bridge featured near the end of his set, his name was ‘James Bragg’. Now whether it was rhythm and blues or reggae, Chris appeared to excel in his experimental sounds of the guitar and maintained a consistency within the sounds also. Chris used flat windings in creating a unique balance between bass strings and mellow tones which seemingly appeared to emphasize his ability to control the lower end of the guitar and concentrate on more complex finger work and higher notes which would then complement the softer sounds he played; as he gauged the strings and the crisp tones that they can make together. While Chris played his set, the audience was very involved, meaning he was able to create sounds that attracted a combination of different people while bringing all together through the feeling of joyful yet abstract formations of the guitar and the sounds that he performed.

Chris is an example of natural talent combined with artistic formation and soul. ‘James Bragg’ (as stated above in the article) is now formally known on the popular musical database Spotify which can be accessed online. James has released his own album titled ‘Lost loves wake’. If you fancy some gravelly vocals, yet endearing lyrics with meaning and depth then definity give him a listen one day. His music is meaningful and can be interpreted in which way you wish to take it!

When looking back upon the beginning of Chris’ career; it is clear to see where he first manifested the ability to combine such deep yet disorganised and captivating sounds. Chris’ early career consisted of regular performances with live drum and bass and break- beat bands and included recordings with profound producers such as ‘John da Silva’ (as an example), whom over the years has released albums for the universally known and famous record label which used to work with the nightclub ‘Space’ on Spain’s most musically recognised Island, Ibiza.

More recently Chris has worked with John Garden; the instrumentalist and musical director for the ‘Scissor Sisters’ and ‘Alison Moyet’ and this has been a big influence in his further explorations today.

Chris is now performing most regularly with his duo act Terry Logan and as we follow Chris and his progress within the last year; we can formally announce that he has now gone onto perform across the UK in venues such as ‘Ronnie Scotts’ in London and also the ‘Price Charles’ in Berlin, Germany. Chris is also furthering his career and opening himself up to a wider audience as over the last 18 months he has decided to branch out his performances to UK festivals and is now settling into this year’s progress with the UK festival season in sight!

Expect to catch Chris Manley and Terry Logan at some of this year’s summer event timetables and if you do manage to get the opportunity to attend then take it right up, you won’t regret it, we can assure you that their unique style, commitment and etiquette as individuals, combined with their subtle yet moving vocal sounds and guitar composition fit for a perfect summer festival experience.

Chris is known well in his home town and his following is expanding rapidly. When hearing Chris perform it can be easy to get lost in his sounds as he adapts his unique style to the listeners in a way which touches their inner soul while creating a sound of mystical yet deep and moving frequencies for all.

Chris will grasp your attention as soon as he begins to perform!

If you are able to experience his talent live then we advise you go ahead and make an appearence!

Our conclusion is one that simply defines a great musician and hey, what a way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

You can find Chris online and sample his music by clicking on the links below:



and/or via Facebook: Just merely search the page name under ‘terryloganmusic’ (for more information and performance schedules).

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