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Cerrone Drops New Video “Resolution” & Announces New Album

Cerrone Drops New Video “Resolution” & Announces New Album

Following his insightful single on climate change, “The Impact,” French disco legend Cerrone has returned once again with another meaningful music video for his new single “Resolution.”

The single is the second Cerrone has revealed from his upcoming DNA album, which is set to release on February 7th. In his first music video for the album, “The Impact”, Cerrone focused on an issue that he has returned to time and time again. Utilizing a recording of renowned environmentalist Jane Goodall, the artist created a sound of hope and passion in order to stimulate an optimism for the future while also motivating for active change.

Resolution” explores the darkness and potential danger of social media and technology, as well as the emptiness caused by the superficial social life that is the norm right now. The story follows an emotionless character through a dystopian virtual reality, directly contrasting the barren landscape that was previously shown to be the true world. In this virtual space, the character is able to interact with other people in stereotypical social places, like a club, but is always followed by an eerily dancing woman that turns in circles and spreads a dark ink-like substance on the character, representing the destructiveness of these types of interactions.

On inspiration from the single, Video Director Etienne Perrone says, “The resolution (often used to determine the quality of an image, either a video or a picture on Instagram, Facebook or Virtual Reality, also meaning a choice to change a behavior) evokes with poetry the dangers of a self-centered and narcissistic society, drowned by the falseness and deception.”

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