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BVLFF boast full-throttle single ‘Want For Nothing’

BVLFF boast full-throttle single ‘Want For Nothing’

BLVFF, an authentic indie rock band hailing from Coventry, have released their powerful new single ‘Want For Nothing.’ Following the spirited percussion and propulsive guitar lines, the song descends into a hushed chorus before bursting back into its anthemic energy. Inspired by the likes of Humbug, The Amazons and early Arctic Monkeys, this quintet have mastered their shadowy Brit-rock sound.

Frontman Michael McCan described the meaning behind the lyrics: “The song is based on mind games that often come before love, the misconceptions that follow when chasing a bad love conquest and succumbing at all costs. Being someone’s someone in vain, knowing it will go wrong and that you never wanted any of this.”

BLVFF have already surpassed 100,000 streams collectively for their first three singles, and have received plays from BBC Introducing amongst other commendable features. Their new single ‘Want For Nothing’ was produced by Matt Terry and mixed by George Perks, both of whom have worked with well-known artists. The band has already made a name for themselves on the national scene, and it’s only a matter of time before BLVFF become one of the big names themselves.

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