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Brother-duo ICARUS from UK drops New Music Video for ‘Sirens’

Brother-duo ICARUS from UK drops New Music Video for ‘Sirens’

Deep house-duo, ICARUS has had a dynamic start to their year after releasing This Music Be The Place EP in February. This past week, ICARUS dropped their new music video for ‘Sirens’. In the process of creating the single ‘Sirens’ICARUS experimented with different styles and sounds, by infusing their advanced productions and cinematic sounds with their own signature style, they created their new track ‘Sirens’.

In a trippy video, brothers Tom and Ian Griffiths of ICARUS created the perfect music video to go along with ‘Sirens’. In a powerful yet simplistic visual masterpiece the lead of the music video is misguided by flashing lights and tunnels, distracting him and putting him in a trance while driving, invoking deep thoughts, which is a familiar to listeners.

Tom and Ian Griffiths shared some words about ‘Sirens’:

The original demo of Sirens was actually written about 18 months ago. Before our first ever live show in London, our manager made a playlist of our demos to have on in the background before we went on stage and Sirens was on there. After the show, we had a lot of our friends come up to us and ask what the track was, which prompted us to go back into the studio and re work it. We were lucky enough to test it out live every night whilst on tour in the US with Rufus Du Sol and the reactions we got to it were amazing. Once we got home, the singer, Katie Pearson, came to our studio and added the final touches to the new version and we wrapped it up! It took going away on tour and having those experiences and then coming back to our comfort zone to make it work. But now it really matches up with what we both felt was right for it.”

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