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Breakage – Treading Water (Jakwob Remix)

Breakage – Treading Water (Jakwob Remix)

Remixing Breakage is a tricky task at best. With his signature depth and well-chosen choice of sullen vocals, it’s hard to imagine anyone could do anything to develop his work. One man who has stepped up to the task and proven worthy is Jakwob. Detroit City’s voice compliments the deeply suductive bassline in a way that’s sincerely impassioned.

The original comes from Breakage’s third album – the first in four long years. To do the Jakwob remix justice, this track demands to be heard on a full sound system. The bass is heart-stopping, met perfectly with authenticated percussion and haunting vocals. You may notice there’s no kick/snare to this piece; it simply does not need it. A bold move, Breakage said about the track: “I wanted to do a track in an infinite breakdown/build up. A lot of times I find the “drop” or when all the elements actually come together can either get way too aggressive, or rather underwhelming. So I decided to do away with it all together”.

Being no stranger to bold statements in music is what puts Breakage at the pinnacle of his scene. His VIP version of Treading Water has such a prepossessing kick to it, holding true to the original intro and throwing you deep into a melodic dance floor roller. Breakage’s highly anticipated new album is set for release in Spring 2015, and we cannot wait.

Treading Water, the VIP and the Jakwob remix will be available to buy from Digital Soundboy on Sunday 30 November.


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