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Boogie Belgique – Time For A Boogie (Remastered) [Cold Busted]

Boogie Belgique – Time For A Boogie (Remastered) [Cold Busted]

Boogie Belgique was formed in 2012 by Oswald Cromheecke, quickly growing into one of the top artists in European trip hop and electro-swing circles. A year later, the Belgian combo released Time For A Boogie, their debut for the Cold Busted label. The album made serious waves, exposing global audiences to Boogie Belgique’s unique fusion of old and new, vintage and modern. The band’s combination of nostalgic swing jazz samples, live instrumentation, and phat beats creates a sound that’s exciting to this day.

That’s why Cold Busted has reissued Time For A Boogie, remastered and, for the first time, on vinyl and cassette. New listeners can thrill to the punchy uptempo breakbeat swing of album opener “Love In Your Eyes,” the worldly trip hop excursion of “Broken Mountain,” “Swing Thing” and its familiar cut-ups mixed with hip hop attitude, and the infectious contemporary groove of the title track. And that’s just a taste of the album’s dozen phenomenal tracks. Time For A Boogie is an album that stands the test of time, reaching into the past to reveal sounds for future dance-floors.

Kid Loco (Flor / Tromolo) – “Just brilliant. Pure classic.”
DJ Love (Stellar Music) – “All of these tracks are insane. The beats are so hot.”
Double-D (Funky Fresh Radio Show) – “Yeah! Back with some groovy, jazzy feeling funky downbeat.”
Morphosis (The Hong Kong Ping Pong Club) – “Fabulous to hear this remastered. Bravo!”
Brandon (Properly Chilled) – “Classic stuff! Nice to hear the remasters.”
Stelios Ktoras (DeeJay 93.5 Radio) – “I love the atmosphere of Darjeeling. Loving the music.”
Floored Capri (Kane FM) – “YES! Love the swing feeling to this. Interesting release.”
DJ Osric (Black and Blue Show) – “Timeless indeed. Love it.”
Hober Mallow (Mighty Reel) – “Beautiful Album. Right in the socket for the show here.”
Jon Fugler (XLNT Radio Show) – “Impossible to choose a favorite. Each is a winner, still sounding fresh. Love it!”

Available Now From: BeatportBandcampJuno Download, And Spotify.

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