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Blue In Green – Gravity (Cold Busted)

Blue In Green – Gravity (Cold Busted)

Blue In Green reemerges on the Cold Busted label with Gravity, his follow-up to 2013’s Inner Funk and his classic album The Break of Dawn. Residing in Tokyo, Blue In Green specializes in a downtempo, beat-driven combination of bossa nova, jazz, and hip hop styles all accented by his masterful guitar work. There’s also the subtle influence of city life in Japan, breezy and tinted in neon. Blue In Green’s goal is to lift spirits with his music. There’s no better time than the present for that sentiment.

The first of Gravity’s dozen tracks is “Sparks,” an intoxicating composition filled with snappy snares, syncopated synth chords, jazzy e-piano, and playful samples. “Resonance” is another highlight, with bold string stabs, scratchy guitar, and spacey synth melodies. There’s also the evocative “Nao Shima,” a sleek soundtrack for night cruising with stealthy ‘80s elements. And there’s much more for the listener to discover. Gravity is an electrifying journey through Blue In Green’s sonic palette, raising spirits and dropping beats.

Andrew Emil (Four Play Music) – “Just fantastic! LOVE this. Great work.”
Rory Hoy (Super Hi-Fi Recordings) – “Amazing release – Love it!”
Severino (HorseMeatDisco) – “Pretty lovely.”
Michael Moebus (Meem) – “Another nice sounding release from Blue In Green.”
Salah Sadeq (The Crate Radioshow) – “Lovely stuff for the summer.”
Jon Fugler (XLNT Radio Show) – “With a shout out to Copacabana too! Some lovely tracks here.”
DJ Junior (Eavesdrop Radio) – “VIBESSSSSS!”
Wilbour Craddock (Groovewest) – “A funky jazz number that makes the summer lounge scene feel right.”
Aja Allsop (Ketch A Vibe Radio Show) – “The massive, beautiful, soulful beats of Cold Busted are back with a real vengeance!”
DJ Osric (Black and Blue Show, Perth) – “Cannot tire of listening to this. Stunning!”

Available Now From: BeatportBandcampApple Music, And Spotify.

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