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Berlin Duo ScoutSom releases Sapientiae EP just in time for summer..

Berlin Duo ScoutSom releases Sapientiae EP just in time for summer..

Spending the past two decades carving and refining their sound in the studio and engaging dancers from around the world with their high energy, inquisitive feel DJ sets, the ScoutSom duo will be landing their Sapientiae EP just in time for the summer.

Sapientiae really hones in on their ethos as musicians: the components of humanity. With this new project, the duo delves into an investigation of Western culture and explores the possible journeys we can take to further our society. Their top tier believe is that beauty is not shallow or subjective- in fact, we need it to survive.

In this quest to portray their ethos, the EP opens with Imouthes, named after the historical Egyptian figure who was later glorified and worshipped as the God of medicine and healing. Opening the EP with the warm sound of ringing bells and chanting vocals gives a celestial vibe to the project with a twist of techno undertones with the synth sounds whizzing around the texture.

Litbo follows and evolves from this sound world. A hammering kick drum lays as a foundation for high energy percussive grooves and menacing pads to wash over the track.

Omunat explores the idea of God being an artist himself, and this track explores this concept with an array of ethereal sounds forms of rhythmic percussion, deceptive synths and undetectable vocal sounds, thus another experimental take on the techno genre.

Tekne closes the piece of work. Translating to technique or art in Greek, the track explores mankind gaining knowledge through experience. It brings the listener to a warm, nurturing ending of the EP with an array of bell-like synths and lush pad playing against a sharper lead and tech house drum groove, ending the night with a a sense of euphoria.

It’s not everyday that you find such a dynamic duo experimenting with the elements of human kind within their produce by bringing together the ancient past and the progressive future of dance music. In doing so, ScoutSom has produced a piece of work unlike any other.

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