bear with me step into the light with HARROWINGLY BEAUTIFUL debut single ‘after me’

Bear With Me are one of those Scandinavian acts that you know are going to feature in your headphones and on a million playlists now they are set to launch with the melancholic groove of debut single ‘After Me’. 

Bear With Me is Vocalist/Keyboard/bassplayer Thorbjørn Kaas’ alter ego and after being part of the Danish Aarhus underground scene for a while he is finally ready to break ground with his own music.

The first single ‘After Me’ is a highly danceable tune that draws on the chilled vibe of bands such as Röyksopp and other groups around the Norwegian Tellé label in the early 00’s. In addition to the steady beat of the song, it also carries a powerful sensibility and a pure vulnerability – the feeling that hits you right after you part from someone you used to be close with. Thorbjørn says about the song,

“Even though it is hard to say goodbye and let go you can always hope that the person you were once close to can stay in your thoughts and still be a part of your life in the future. I would describe the song as both melancholic and hopeful. It’s an homage to any kind of close relation between people, but also an acknowledgement of how delicate and changeful such bonds can be.”

You can listen to the debut single ‘After Me’ here:

‘After Me’ Soundcloud – soundcloud.com/bear_with_me/afterme

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