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Azizi Gibson Shares ‘5 Page Letter’ Music Video and Announces Chimera Act Album

Azizi Gibson Shares ‘5 Page Letter’ Music Video and Announces Chimera Act Album

Azizi Gibson returns today with the music video for new single ‘5 Page Letter’ and announces new album Chimera Act – to be released next Friday, December 13th, via his independent label preHistoric Records.

‘5 Page Letter’ is a cinematic experience. Filled with poetic shots of ballerinas and boxing rings, ‘5 Page Letter’ is an introspective look at the close of a relationship. The video’s soft, romantic hue brings life to Azizi Gibson’s meticulous flow and transports fans into a fluid time warp between then and now.

‘5 Page Letter’ is the final single from Azizi Gibson’s upcoming album Chimera Act, out December 13th. Releasing through his independent label preHistoric Records, Chimera Act is an introspective dive into inner demons, personal growth, and sinister fantasies, all delivered with a hint of mischievous charm. Featuring singles ‘On My Own’ and ‘Hell & Back’, Chimera Act boasts 14 lyrically-charged tracks proving Azizi Gibson’s knack for gripping production and versatile flow.

Azizi Gibson is a staple in the alternative hip hop world, first catching interest from Flying Lotus and his Brainfeeder record label in 2013. Receiving critical acclaim for his debut mixtape Ghost in the Shell, Azizi Gibson became one of the most sought after rappers in the LA hip hop scene, collaborating with the likes of DJ Paul, Waka Flocka Flame and THEY. He has since released three albums through his own label preHistoric Records to additional acclaim and has asserted himself as one of the most promising hip hop artists in today’s landscape.

Chimera Act is due out Friday, December 13th, via preHistoric Records.

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