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Asdek Drops Fiery \’Nightmares\’ on Pinnacle Collective

Asdek Drops Fiery \’Nightmares\’ on Pinnacle Collective

On the heels of his smash hit remix of Habstrakt’s “The One,” Asdek returns with a banging original offering. His nefarious “Nightmares” is available on Monday, December 2 for streaming and purchase via Pinnacle Collective.

A house music visionary with wide-spanning talents, Asdek continually brings nuanced flare to his productions. With a backsound influenced by the likes of UK house to hip-hop, Asdek’s tunes see an endless variety of inspiration. Seeing signature elements of both bass house and G house, Asdek seamlessly fuses two booming styles in his “Nightmares.” A truly wicked blend of house music, the Parisian proves yet again why he’s one of house music’s most promising acts. Littered with infectious bass, “Nightmares” is something born out of the most sinful of dreams.

“When I started this track I was recording some voices with my friend Erin in the studio on a Saturday night. When she tested the mic, she made out this creepy voice about nightmares, and I loved it. So we built a track around a voice in my nightmares, talking to me, and playing that creepy house music like something out of a horror movie. I really dig how dark the track is it resonates with me and my style and I\’m excited to show everyone what I\’ve been up to.”Asdek

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