Arkarin Bursts On To The Scene With Debut Release

Arkarin Bursts On To The Scene With Debut Release

ARKARIN has just stepped on to the progressive house scene with Gurugu – a confident debut. Born out of tragedy, this is an emotional powerhouse of a track.

ARKARIN’s musical journey began at the age of 18 when he attended his first festival and was hit by a revelation. A career as a DJ and producer was the one thing that he needed to achieve. Desperate to make the dream a reality, he got a second job working as a waiter in a club. For two years he worked seven days a week, until finally he could afford his first DJ setup.

Trying to pursue his dreams was tough and was made tougher when he lost a close family member. However, the loss pushed him to create – wanting to somehow dedicate the music he made to the memory of his loved one.

‘Gurugu’ is the first result of this creative burst – an electrifying and insistent big room banger that is underpinned by truly delicate and beautiful melodies. It firmly announces ARKARIN as one to watch.

Progressive House Arkarin
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